How to Put More Power in Your Swing

By Bill Herrfeldt

You heard it here. The only way to increase the power of your golf swing to hit the ball further is to increase the speed of the club head at the point of impact. Sounds simple, doesn't it? Actually, it involves several aspects of your swing. If you make adjustments to them, you will increase your club head speed and improve your distance. Read on if you are willing to do what it takes to hit the ball further.


Difficulty: Moderate
Step 1
Work on your swing mechanics to increase your club head speed at impact. Watch the touring professionals as they create an unbelievable amount of torque between their upper bodies and their legs. Torque is created when your body is coiled at the top of your swing.

In school, you probably used to shoot rubber bands at people. The tighter the rubber band was, the further it would fly. The same principle applies with the golf swing. The tighter your body is coiled, the faster your club head speed will be at the bottom of your swing. Remember, always start your downswing with the shifting of your weight to the side closest to the target.
Step 2
Begin a regimen to increase those muscles that you use when you swing a golf club. Most importantly, you should strengthen your abdominal muscles, forearms and legs to improve your golf swing. Without this, you will place limits on your potential, regardless of your age and condition. Set aside a time to go to the gym. Tell the trainer what goals you'd like to set. He will develop a routine for you to follow that will be the most beneficial for your game.
Step 3
Buy the latest equipment to benefit from technology. Pay attention to the amazing strides that manufacturers have made in golf equipment. Some remember when woods were actually made of wood, and hybrid clubs, lob and gap wedges had not been invented. A lot of the expertise came from aerospace engineers who, when that industry tanked in the late 1980's, turned their talents to making golf clubs. You now have a choice of various metal components, with faces that are meant to hit the golf ball farther. The same is true for golf balls that now fly further than they ever have before.
Step 4
Be consistent. Repetition is crucial to perfecting the game. Practice makes perfect. Continue to work on your swing mechanics and physical fitness. Without doing so, the most expensive equipment will be of little help. Before you outfit yourself with the latest clubs and balls that boast being able to generate great distances, work on your swing mechanics. Strengthen those areas of your body that will help your game.

About The Author

Bill Herrfeldt specializes in finance, sports and the needs of retiring people, and has been published in the national edition of "Erickson Tribune," the "Washington Post" and the "Arizona Republic." He graduated from the University of Louisville.


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