Golf Tournament:
The Never Dunne Charity Golf Tournament

The Never Dunne Charity Golf Tournament
August 29, 2020
August 29, 2020
Charity Golf Tournament
$100 - $125
Glioblastoma Brain Cancer
West Kingston, Rhode Island
Michele Dunne
2nd Annual Charity Golf Tournament to help support The Never Dunne Foundation.

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Video of the Day
One-Plane Swing Set-Up Routine Watch Video>>

Slicing Drill for Juniors Help kids fix their slice by standing in front of them while they take practice swings and have them release their downswing straight down the line toward you
Role Of Legs In The Swing Your legs play four different roles in your swing from address to finish as they provide balance throughout the swing, so the motion of the legs is critical to allowing you to progress through the swing correctly
Swing Map: Swing Plane The Swing Plane, a Fundamental of the Swing Map, effects the club-face at impact