Golf Tournament:
Tee It Up For Victory

Tee It Up For Victory
September 9, 2019
September 9, 2019
$500 per team of 4
Victory Farm Therapeutic Ridind, Driving and Adaptive Horsemanship for individuals with disabilities
Cramer Mountain Club
Cramerton, North Carolina
Susan Teague
Sponsorship levels: Masters $5000 Riders Cup $2500 Invitational $1000 Classic $500
Captains choice Raffle and silent auction Prizes- trips, etc.

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Campbell A.  Scored 81 at  Meadow Wood Liberty Lake, Washington

Campbell A.  Scored 77 at  Esmeralda, Esmerelda Spokane, Washington

Campbell A.  Scored 85 at  Esmeralda, Esmerelda Spokane, Washington

Campbell A.  Scored 80 at  Fairways Cheney, Washington

Campbell A.  Scored 86 at  Downriver Spokane, Washington

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Video of the Day
Tee Box Alignment Work Watch Video>>

A Slice Cause: Downswing Pulling the handle of the club down to the ball during the downswing will create a slice, initiate the downswing with your hips and left shoulder
Increasing Distance: Fix the Early Release Practice this Punch Drill to avoid releasing the clubhead early during the downswing and hitting the ball short
Maintain Spine Angle to Prevent Topped Shots Topped balls are not caused by picking up your head, what you are really doing is losing your spine angle and lifting your entire body off of the ball