Golf Tournament:
Lakesite 3 person scramble

Lakesite 3 person scramble
June 16, 2018
June 17, 2018
3 person scramble
$240 per team
Lakesite Country Club
Maysville, Missouri
AJ Gaiser
Two day 3 person scramble.
80% pay back on flights 90% pay back on calcutta
Golf carts are limited. Welcome to bring your own cart.

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Video of the Day
The Lob Shot Watch Video>>

Push Cures Push shots are caused by a swing that is too shallow and from the inside, many times caused by the body moving in front of the ball during the downswing and causing the club to get stuck behind the body
Vision Focus: Hook Cure Use your eyes and vision to change your ball shape by getting your torso on top of your lower body to cure your hook
Takeaway Practice Place a cone behind you and practice your takeaway just trying to nick the top of the cone, if you hit the middle you are too far inside and if you take it back over the cone then your takeaway is going outside