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Reaching Lofty Heights Part II : Preparing to Swing By Sharon Miller, LPGA Member

If you're having trouble getting loft from your wedge, check your pre-swing fundamentals. Here are the basic setup checkpoints for the less-than-full-swing wedge shot.

Reaching Lofty Heights Part III : Making the Swing By Sharon Miller, LPGA Member

Now that you're set up to create a lofted wedge shot, consider possible swing faults which can prevent a well-stuck shot.

Reaching Lofty Heights: Drills for Loft and Consistency By Sharon Miller, LPGA Member

Place a tee in the hole of the butt end of the grip so you are aware of where the butt points in your backswing (in photos 1 & 2 I am using a shaft extension for clarification). It should point between your target line and your toe line in less-t…