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The Proper Golf Grip By Bob Byman

The function of each golfer's swing is to consistently deliver the ball to its intended target. The swing, therefore, must be able to accomplish that task. In order to create the desired results, the greatest gift that I can give you, something t...

Five Musts for Every Great Golf Shot By Bob Byman

Once a player has confidence in shot results, then optimizing the chances of hitting a great golf shot is the next step. Here are the five musts I would recommend that you do. 1. Time travel and imagery: When a player approaches his nex...

Yes, Your Head Moves in the Golf Swing By Bob Byman

The worst piece of advice in the history of this sport is "keep your head still" or related ideas, such as "keep your head down," "keep your eye on the ball," and "don't move your head during the swing." No question, it's No.1. Why? Becaus...

Don't Aim Left to Cure Your Slice By MiloS

The slice is probably the most common swing fault among high-handicappers and it's important to understand this particular ball flight.It is a shot that curves left to right for a right-handed player and right to left for the left-handed play...

A Consistant Swing is Key By Tom Ward

Let me clarify what I meant by being a 'Bubba" on the golf course. What I want you to do is emulate what I taught my friend actor Burton "Bubba" Gilliam to do as he's readying himself to make his swing on the ball towards his target.

A Good Golf Grip Leads to a Good Game By Tom Ward

I've gotten a lot of e-mails and questions from you readers as well as golfers I see on a daily basis all around the country about the grip. I am happy to see that there are many people here locally that are getting into the game with renewed enthus…

A Good Grip on the Club Leads to Good Wrist Action By Tom Ward

Bad wrist action accounts for 90 percent of bad shots. Why is this socommon? The natural way to control the club is with the hands and any attempt to use the hands encourages breaking of the wrists.

A Small Box of Some Value By Uncle Duffer

PGA Tour player Payne Stewart once said about learning to play golf:"There are a few simple fundamentals you need to learn.After that, you have to figure it out for yourself."I follow now with my own unique observations and moral tale that might besu…

A well-grounded swing is key By Tom Ward

Failure in life is not about falling down; it's when you don't get back up.

Build Your Accuracy First, Then Your Distance By Tom Ward

What is the easiest shot in golf that all beginners can properly execute? It's the "gimme" putt. As the distance between the cup and the ball becomes greater, the tougher it is to make a shot.

Check the size of the grip on your clubs By America's Favorite Golf Schools

In my 28 years of teaching students of all levels, I have found that making the needed adjustments concerning grip type and grip size gives you the best chance of realizing improvement very quickly. If the grip is too small and slippery, you will ten…

Eliminate Swaying From Your Swing By Tom Ward

Here's a very useful drill that I teach to make sure your staying balanced and centered over the ball at address. One of the biggest problems all golfers face is too much lateral movement off the ball which is called (Swaying). So next time your at t…

Evolution of the Modern Golf Swing By Tom Ward

Along about 1910 to 1920 the golf professionals were altering the body motions and improving the golf club.One of the first big changes was in the grip. A great player at this time, Harry Vardon,became well known due to this change. He is credited wi…

Find Your Own Swing Tempo By Sharon Miller, LPGA Member

Swing tempo (speed) varies with each individual and ranges from fast to medium to slow to anything in between. A player who beings to swing faster than normal will have less room for error in the total harmony of the swing, and their game will fall a…

Fixing your Slice - Keeping Your Back to Target By Joe Sullivan

I try to gear most of what I say towards the slicer, but there is only so much that can be said about the slice without making things too complicated.

Focus on the Target and the Swing, Not The Ball By Tom Ward

What will happen if you don't work on your game to hit more fairways and greens, or on your short game or putting? You can wave good-bye to birdies and pars, as they will be hard to come by if you're all over the course.

Fundamentals of The Swing By The Original Golf School

You hear a lot of Don't do this" or "don't do that" in learning the golf swing. Let us concentrate on what you should "do".

Golf for Beginners By Tom Ward

The following article, the first in my series "Golf for Beginners", is an introduction to learning to play for beginners and those with limited experience. Future articles will concentrate on the techniques I use in actual beginner instruction, star…

Golf for Beginners Lesson 1: The 5 Basic Body Actions of Golf By Tom Ward

Almost anyone can learn to play an enjoyable game of golf, regardless of age or natural abilities. I have worked over the years with many golfers with Physical Disabilities. However many have not allowed this unfortunate handicap to limit them in con…

Golf for Beginners Lesson 2: Foot Action By Tom Ward

"5 Basic Body Actions"

  1. Foot Action
  2. Leg & Knee Action
  3. Hip & Shoulder Action
  4. Arm Action
  5. Hand & Wrist Action

Golf for Beginners Lesson 3: Connecting Foot Action to Leg/Knee Action By Tom Ward

"5 Basic Body Actions"

  1. Foot Action
  2. Leg & Knee Action
  3. Hip & Shoulder Action
  4. Arm Action
  5. Hand & Wrist Action

Golf for Beginners Lesson 4: Hip & Shoulder Action By Tom Ward

"5 Basic Body Actions"

  1. Foot Action
  2. Leg & Knee Action
  3. Hip & Shoulder Action
  4. Arm Action
  5. Hand & Wrist Action

Golf Is A Game of Fluid Motion By Tom Ward

Whenever and wherever I've been around this country and also outside the U.S., I've observed literally thousands of golf swings. The practice methods I've seen have ranged from unusual to the insane. It reminds me of the old saying, "People work hard…

Golf Lessons are a Worthwhile Investment By Tom Ward

Baseball legend Hank Aaron once described the frustration he experienced playing the game of golf. He said, "It took him 17 years to get 3, 000 hits in baseball, but he did it in one afternoon on the golf course. "I'm sure Mr. Aaron was exaggerating …

Good foot placement leads to a good swing By Tom Ward

The feet are the foundation for the swing. It's the only contact you have with the ground, and like any home, a sturdy foundation is needed to support the frame. How the feet are placed determines how well a player can swing the club toward the inten…

Hands Inside the Club Head During The Swing By Joe Sullivan

This tip is in response to something I saw at this week's Phoenix Open. Actually, I have known about this for a few years, but I thought I should share it with you upon seeing a lot of these pros doing it.

Head Movement During the Golf Swing By Joe Sullivan

Does the head stay down and still? NO. If you look at the great players in the game, most have a slight movement of their head going back. It certainly varies from player to player, but it's still present in one form or another. Players like Jack Nic…

Head Swivel During the Swing By Joe Sullivan

It seems that in the past few years we have seen a number of players in professional golf doing that odd head swivel on their downswing. Most notable (and noticeable), of course, is David Duval. But there is Annika Sorenstam, Jim Furyk, Robert Allenb…

Hip Movement During the Swing By Joe Sullivan

The hips play a very important role in the golf swing. The problem is that most people do not understand the correct motion that they must make. The correct move is NOT a simple turn of the hips from the top of the swing, as many would believe.

How to Grip Your Clubs By Roland Stafford

After you dust off your clubs be sure and revitalize your grips by scrubbing them with hot water and a Brillo or SOS soap pad. Rinse them off with hot water and dry with a clean towel.

Improve your Airtime by Improving Your Brush By Larry O. Krupp

We refer to the club head-ground contact as the brush. The brush has 2 elements: correct depth, high to low, and correct spot, front to back. A specific starting position, or posture, can greatly affect the brush. The correct combination of body bend…

Keep Your Swing Simple By Tom Ward

Throughout my years as a golf instructor, teaching both in the U.S. and in several foreign countries, I have consistently noted one familiar theme that affects golfers all over the world.

Learning Swing Mechanics from Jim Furyk By Joe Sullivan

This tip has to do with one of the members of the U.S. President's Cup team, Jim Furyk. I know some of you may get an upset stomach watching him swing. I know many of you would prefer some sort of dental work than to see him strike a bucket of balls.…

Lessons from the Golf Pros - The Magic Gap By Joe Sullivan

The idea when evaluating any professional, whether it be a golfer or a carpenter, is to look at what they do in common. Chances are that this is what you need to do also.

Let the Ball Get in The Way of Your Swing By Tom Ward

Swing into a better golf game, but don't try to put your swing on the ball. Instead, let the ball get in the way of your swing as you swing away from the target and then swing towards the target.

Make Time to Work on Your Swing By Tom Ward

No, these tips aren't for people interested in meeting each other for a date. The only date I want you to have is with your clubs at the practice range in order to build your swing correctly.

My Fantastic Four-some By Tom Ward

The combination of the recent Independence Day holiday and the upcoming new movie The Fantastic Four got me to thinking.

Over Swinging By Tom Ward

Over swinging is very common among players striving for more distance. Mathematically, a longer arc should create more club head speed. Not so - unless done correctly. Over swinging will definitely throw the club head in a very poor plane swing.

Perfecting Your Swing Through By Tom Ward

One very effective drill in perfecting your swing is to let the ball 'get in your way' as you swing toward the target. In other words, you let the ball get hit because it was sitting there in the way of your swing, not because you were swinging at it…

Proper Golf Equipment Plays a Large Role By Larry O. Krupp

As a golfer today, you are besieged by advertising campaigns to buy the newest golf equipment. Longer distance golf balls, massive driver heads, and longer shafts all create mass confusion as to what is best for you. The shaft is the heart of the gol…

Simple Solution to Solid Shots By Bob Wyatt

One of the best pieces of advice I ever received (as a quick fix during a round when time to adjust was not really on my side) came from my partner during a two man best ball event. I was constantly striking my tee shots off the toe of the club. His …

Step-Slide-Step Drill - Improving Your Golf Footwork By Sharon Miller, LPGA Member

As you swing back, bring your left foot to your right instep without allowing it to touch the ground. The forward swing is started when the left foot starts moving back to its original position.

Stroke the Ball, Don't Hit It By Tom Ward

Often the difference between a strong, powerful swing and a misguided hack is the tendency to hit, rather than stroke, the ball. The difference can be seen when examining a short putt, when it is easy to stroke the ball. Hitting is not an option for …

Swing Length Confusion - Long or Short Will Work By Joe Sullivan

As I am sitting here watching the Senior PGA Tour event, I am fascinated by the swing of the leader, Allen Doyle. If there is ever a player who illustrates why you DO NOT need to have a parallel club shaft at the top of your swing, it is Allen. It's …

Swing Through the Target - Not the Ball By Tom Ward

Swing into a better golf game, but don't try to put your swing on the ball. Let the ball get in the way of your swing as you swing away from the target and then swing toward the target.

Tee it High to Hit it Low By Bob Wyatt

The title of this teaching tip may sound somewhat contradictory, so allow me to explain.

Tempo: Find What Works For You By Joe Sullivan

I would like to discuss the most overanalyzed, over-hyped, over-taught, over-recommended, over-everything aspect of the golf swing there is, and that is tempo.

The 50/50 Feeling to Good Balance By Bob Wyatt

The title of this teaching tip may sound somewhat contradictory, so allow me to explain.

The Art of Teeing Off the Ball By Tom Ward

Are you one of many players who just stick the tee in the ground and set a ball on it without considering the height?

The Back Swing - Lower Body Motion By Roland Stafford

The key to the back swing is to turn your center (front part of your torso) behind the ball without changing your head position and without losing your balance on the right leg.

The Back Swing - Upper Body Position By Larry O. Krupp

It really doesn't matter how you start your backswing, as long as you are able to get into the following position at the top. For right handers, the checkpoints include 90-degree shoulder turn, extended left arm, 90-degree hand hinge, and high hands …

The Coach Is Always Right By Tom Ward

There are so many opinions about how to play the game because a lot of it is personal preference. When you're first learning, you'll get a lot of information about a lot of preferences from many sources. This can be very confusing, especially if you …

The Follow Through By Tom Ward

The follow-through is the result of the prior body movements. After impact it's just a matter of releasing all tension and letting centrifugal force finish your swing. Centrifugal force will keep the clubface travel and clubface angle in the proper p…

The Importance of a Well Aligned Body to Your Golf Game By Tom Ward

As a golfer who has experienced numerous injuries throughout the years I know the importance more than ever of keeping your body healthy to enjoy golf to its fullest.I have asked a friend of mine Dr. Hunt Whitehead, a doctor of chiropractic, to make …

The Perfect Swing - Reality or Myth? By Thomas Tetrault, PGA Pro

Most golf instructors, with few exceptions, will agree that the perfect golf swing is a myth. All you have to do is look at the variety of different swings on the PGA and LPGA tour each weekend on television. The swings may look different but they ha…

The Proper Golf Club Grip By The Original Golf School

The grip is the most precise and important part of the golf swing. It is the only communication you have with the golf club and cannot be "half right". Not all good players have good swings, but they all definitely have good grips.

The Proper Golf Stance By The Original Golf School

The address position is active and lively. Your feet should be shoulder width apart and you should be balanced from side and front to back.

Hooking the Ball By Roland Stafford

If you are topping the ball, don't follow your friend's advice and " keep your head down."

Understanding Golf Swing Alignment By America's Favorite Golf Schools

Poor alignment is the single most destructive area for players of all levels, when it comes to taking the game from the practice range to the golf course. This means alignment is extremely important for you as a beginner - so don't put it on "the bac…

Understanding How the Hands and Arms Work in the Golf Swing By Tom Ward

It's the only contact you have with the club and, unfortunately for mostgolfers, this is where all the problems begin. When playing we all get nervous and tense,and experience varying degrees of anxiety throughout the round. Under pressure we revertb…

Use a Strong Grip on the Club By Joe Sullivan

The grip is probably the most talked about area of the swing in terms of instruction. As a matter of fact, I don't think I have ever seen someone getting a lesson who is NOT told to alter their grip somehow.

Vary Your Practice Shots By Larry O. Krupp

Whenever you practice, you should spend some time playing with your ball flight. Experiment with all the possibilities. Spin the ball left and right, a little and a lot.

Weight Shift - Back Swing By Joe Sullivan

The inside of your right leg. The inside of your right leg. How many times have you heard this notion before?

Where Should You Position The Golf Ball? By Larry O. Krupp

This is a personal preference area. Acceptable ball position is somewhere between the middle of your stance and heel of target side foot, with your hands slightly touching your target side leg to a hand-thumb out from your leg at address. To find you…