South Dakota Golf Stores

South Dakota has 7 golf stores from which you can choose. To organize them all, this directory lists South Dakota golf stores alphabetically by city. The cities with the most golf stores are Sioux Falls, Rapid City and Springfield.

South Dakota Golf Stores By City Name


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Balanced Posture for a One Plane Golf Swing The one plane swing requires that you bend from the hips more than the two plane swing set up. This move is counter balanced by your buttocks going back more, thus maintaining your balance on the balls of your feet.
How to do a Proper Pivot in One Plane and Two Plane Golf Swings Since your body is bent over more in the one plane swing the shoulder plane resulting from the body pivot should be pointing to the ground just outside the golf ball.
Golf Downswing Stance to Avoid Pulling Shots Practice closing your stance to help get the feel for an inside-out swing path