Golf Galaxy Myrtle Beach (Golf Store #2833)

Opened in 2020, Golf Galaxy Myrtle Beach is a golf store located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with approx. 6,000 square feet of retail space dedicated to golf clubs, golf clothing or other golf equipment essential for avid South Carolina golfers. Golf Galaxy Myrtle Beach's Myrtle Beach golf shop is managed by Corey Fields, General Manager, who can be reached on (843) 213-2119.

Store Name: Golf Galaxy Myrtle Beach
Store Type: Golf Shop / Golf Equipment Retail Outlet
Shop Address: 300 Coastal Grand Cir
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577-9753
Web Address:
Tel. Number: (843) 213-2119
Fax. Number: -
Store Opened: 2020
Retail Space: 6,000 square feet
Golf Manager: Corey Fields,
General Manager


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