Hole 'n Run (Golf Store #2827)

Hole 'n Run is a golf store located in Wheeling, West Virginia with approx. 3,000 square feet of retail space dedicated to golf clubs, golf clothing or other golf equipment essential for avid West Virginia golfers. Hole 'n Run's Wheeling golf shop is managed by Floyd Shuler, Owner, who can be reached on (304) 242-1000.

Store Name: Hole 'n Run
Store Type: Golf Shop / Golf Equipment Retail Outlet
Shop Address: 46 Washington Ave
Wheeling, WV 26003-6262
Web Address: www.holenrun.com
Tel. Number: (304) 242-1000
Fax. Number: -
Store Opened: -
Retail Space: 3,000 square feet
Golf Manager: Floyd Shuler,


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