Meridian Golf Driving Ranges and Practice Facilities

Below is our comprehensive list of golf practice facilities, driving ranges, and putting greens in the Meridian, Idaho area. We list them by proximity to Meridian, including facilities in neighboring cities (within a 25-mile radius).

3 Driving Ranges Near Meridian
Topgolf Boise
60 practice tees
1050 S Silverstone Way
Meridian, ID 83642
(986) 210-1270

2.7 miles from the center of Meridian.

Idaho Golf Company
4200 Pasadena Dr Apt 25
Boise, ID 83705-5078
(208) 345-3284

8.5 miles from the center of Meridian.

Greenlinks Driving Range
18 practice tees
10436 Highway 44
Middleton, ID 83644-
(208) 585-9217

12.1 miles from the center of Meridian.

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2 Techinique Tricks to Get a Backspin on Chip Shots Lean the shaft of the club back at address to increase the clubface loft while maximizing its hitting area, then use a double cupped wrist technique during the swing
Wrist Extensor Stretch to Help You Close the Clubface at Address Getting full mobility in your wrist extensor is important because it allows your wrists to move properly in the backswing so you do not have an open face at the top of your backswing
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