Brookline Golf Driving Ranges and Practice Facilities

Below is our comprehensive list of golf practice facilities, driving ranges, and putting greens in the Brookline, Missouri area. We list them by proximity to Brookline, including facilities in neighboring cities (within a 25-mile radius).

3 Driving Ranges Near Brookline
Backwoods Golf
28 practice tees
6155 W Republic Rd
Brookline, MO 65619-9415
(417) 233-4234

0.0 miles from the center of Brookline.

Swing Right Golf
15 practice tees
444 E Farm Road 192
Springfield, MO 65810-3219
(417) 882-1222

7.6 miles from the center of Brookline.

BigShots Golf Springfield
56 practice tees
1930 E Kearney St
Springfield, MO 65803-4608
(417) 427-3040

11.0 miles from the center of Brookline.

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