Lamesa, Texas Golf Courses

There is 1 golf course in Lamesa, Texas and 1 is a municipal course. The oldest course in the Lamesa area is the Lamesa Municipal Golf Course which was designed by Harvey Allen and opened in 1955. The longest course is Lamesa Municipal Golf Course, which is 3,150 yards.

9 holes over 3,150 yards with a par of 35 (Municipal) Write a Review
201 S Avenue S
Lamesa, TX 79331-5034
(806) 872-8100
1 mile from the center of Lamesa. Write a Review


Jeff D.  Scored 83 at  The Home Course Dupont, Washington

Jeff D.  Scored 78 at  Oakbrook Lakewood, Washington

Jeff D.  Scored 83 at  The Home Course Dupont, Washington

Jeff D.  Scored 88 at  Trophy Lake Golf & Casting Port Orchard, Washington

Jeff D.  Scored 79 at  Gold Mountain, Cascade Bremerton, Washington

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