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18 holes over 6,104 yards with a par of 72 (Municipal)
2500 S 11th St, Springfield, IL 62703
(217) 522-2633

9 holes over 2,299 yards with a par of 34 (Municipal)
1700 W Lawrence Ave, Springfield, IL 62704-2324
(217) 698-6049

18 holes over 5,260 yards with a par of 70 (Public)
851 Dave Stockton Dr, Springfield, IL 62707-3116
(217) 528-6600

18 holes over 6,583 yards with a par of 72 (Public)
1400 S Club House Dr, Springfield, IL 62707
(217) 525-0365

18 holes over 6,813 yards with a par of 72 (Municipal)
700 E Lake Shore Dr, Springfield, IL 62712-8984
(217) 786-4111

9 holes over 2,834 yards with a par of 36 (Public)
1055 W Camp Sangamo Rd, Springfield, IL 62707-8598
(217) 744-8311

18 holes over 7,244 yards with a par of 72 (Private)
3001 Panther Creek Dr, Springfield, IL 62711
(217) 546-4432

18 holes over 6,985 yards with a par of 72 (Public)
7112 Piper Glen Dr, Springfield, IL 62711-7049
(877) 635-7326

9 holes over 1,918 yards with a par of 31 (Public)
5350 Old Jacksonville Rd, Springfield, IL 62711-9228
(217) 787-8576

9 holes over 2,657 yards with a par of 35 (Municipal)
2900 Clear Lake Ave, Springfield, IL 62703-1434
(217) 753-6211

18 holes over 6,800 yards with a par of 71 (Private)
1601 Illini Rd, Springfield, IL 62704-3399
(217) 546-2830

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