Woonsocket, South Dakota Golf Courses

There is 1 golf course in Woonsocket, South Dakota and 0 are municipal courses. The oldest course in the Woonsocket area is the Pony Hills Country Club opened in 1955.

9 holes (PL) Write a Review
W Hwy 34
Woonsocket, SD 57385

6 miles from the center of Woonsocket. Write a Review


Bradley L.  Scored 107 at  New Paltz New Paltz, New York

Michael B.  Scored 80 at  St. Andrews Winston, Georgia

Rick M.  just went PRO!

Michael B.  Scored 77 at  St. Andrews Winston, Georgia

Michael B.  Scored 84 at  St. Andrews Winston, Georgia

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Correct Grip Strength A neutral grip allows you to return the club face squarely to the ball
Right Arm Only Drill For advanced players this drill works great to gain width in your swing and get you to a free release
Pull Cures Pulled shots come from a closed clubface or the path swing, most players suffer from the latter as they start their downswing with their shoulders causing their path to go to the left