Furman, South Carolina Golf Courses

There are 0 golf courses in Furman, South Carolina.There is 1 other golf course within 20 miles of Furman, including 0 public, 0 municipal and 1 private courses. The oldest course in the Furman area is the Congaree Golf Club opened in 2017. The longest course is Congaree Golf Club, which is 7,850 yards.

There are no Golf Courses in "Furman, SC". However following courses are near that area.

18 holes over 7,850 yards with a par of 72 (Private) Write a Review
384 Davant Dr
Ridgeland, SC 29936-3806
(843) 717-3400
18 miles from the center of Furman. Write a Review


Michael B.  Scored 77 at  St. Andrews Winston, Georgia

Michael B.  Scored 81 at  Creekside Hiram, Georgia

Michael B.  Scored 78 at  Creekside Hiram, Georgia

Michael B.  Scored 87 at  West Pines Douglasville, Georgia

Michael B.  Scored 82 at  West Pines Douglasville, Georgia

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