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1520 Tattersall Way
West Chester, PA  19380-1594
United States
P: (610) 738-4410
F: (610) 738-4412
Broad Run Course

18 hole regulation length course

Public golf course

72 par | 6,826 yards | 132 slope

73.0 rating

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Broad Run Golf Course

The 18-hole "Broad Run" course at the Broad Run Golfer's Club facility in West Chester, Pennsylvania features 6,826 yards of golf from the longest tees for a par of 72. The course rating is 73.0 and it has a slope rating of 132. Designed by Phil Larsen/Rees Jones, ASGCA, the Broad Run golf course opened in 2000. Byler Holdings manages this facility, with Chad Rightmyer as the Superintendent.


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Reviewed June 16, 2011

While the course may be a little on the expensive side compared to other courses in the area, it still is well worth the visit, especially at a discounted rate. Pay no attention to the $55 per person on this site. We played with a person who walked on at 7 a.m. for $45 with cart.

Driving range is very odd, and extremely uphill (probably 60-70 degrees), so it doesn't help with the yardages either. Play everything about 7-10 yards further than what the GPS tells you, and pin locations aren't always matching either.

Course was in very good condition and it's hard to beat some of the views offered on this course. If it's your first time, don't expect to score that well, but store some of it for next time, because you should definitely come back.

And 5 stars to the cart staff, extremely helpful at the start of the round and the end of the round.

Reviewed June 04, 2010

I've played everywhere, and this course uses the most acreage I've ever seen. You could fit 54 holes (not kidding about this) on the property they used for 18. The course is completely unwalkable, and the gas carts are loud with very spotty GPS... but it's so different from most courses that you just have to play it once and make up your own mind. If you love the classic parkland country clubs, you'll probably hate this course... but you have to play it once. As long as your driver is controllable, you'll also have a fun day... and some of the Par 5's are top notch.

Reviewed April 12, 2010

Absolutely LOVE this course. Excellent layout. Perfectionately maintained. Challenging, yet scorable if you game is on. Beautiful scenery, friendly staff, overall a great experience, and a very relaxing afternoon. The best golf carts I've ever rode in. There is nothing bad to say about this course(but if i had to pick one thing, it would be the lack of a good menu at the turn!) Otherwise, one of the best courses in PA. A must play.

Reviewed August 24, 2009

A course as beautiful as it is challenging. Very well maintained. A little pricey but a great value - especially if you can get out on a weekday afternoon. The course is on a property roughly the size of Rhode Island, the scenery is great and you will have plenty of time to appreciate it on the 5 minute drives between tees. There are several long, forgiving par 5s and a great layout across the board. Also all the carts have GPS which makes playing Broad Run a lot like playing Tiger Woods Golf on Playstation. Seriously, it's cool. You will wish every course had them or you had enough money to play Broad Run every time. I can hardly wait to go back!

Reviewed August 11, 2009

A great golf of the most enjoyable places to play anywhere. It might have helped that we had the first tee time...played without waiting or being hit upon. Each hole is uniquely set up and the incredible scenic variety keeps the "eyes popping" from start to finish. The front nine is one of the most scenic group of holes anywhere and each hole seems to be set in its own little world. The back nine touches upon housing for a couple of holes although the par 3 13th is the only hole with houses close to the green (and it's the most scenic hole in the inward side). My round included my 14 year old son who's just beginning to golf. The choice of tee boxes afforded him a fair and enjoyable round also and he scored better here than anywhere else. On a number of occasions, balls that hit the rough sloped back into the fairway. This is a top-notch golf course and the tee time pass of $39 for early am will bring me back again! 8 1/2 miles of cart path and a 3/4 mile ride from the 18th green to the pro shop....I enjoyed it but some might find it a bit ridiculous. I drove four hours to play this course and will do it again!

Reviewed June 03, 2009

I was able to play Broad Run yesterday and teed off following a big event. Needless to say, being the first one off contributed to me beating the rain and finishing 18 in about 2.5 hours. Overall this is a really nice place to play. You will be hard pressed to find a more scenic course anywhere. Most every hole overlooks the mountainous terrain with few holes playing along some nice homes. The fairways were perfect and the rough DEEP. I could spot a ball off of the tee and drive to my spot and have to drive over the ball to find it. My biggest complaint about Broad Run were the greens. While they were not long, they were not fast. They were ridiculously hard though. It was almost unfair hitting a 60 degree wedge from 40 yards to the front of the green and not seeing it check but run forward 10-15 yards. I can only imagine how long a round would be here if the course were fairly busy let alone packed. In some cases, you literally had a 2-5 minute drive from a green to the next tee. If you decide to practice before hand, you better know your distances because the driving range is a huge hill about 400 feet in elevation.

Would I play here again?

Absolutely. My biggest complaint about the Philadelphia area is the lack of good public golf courses. Everything I found in the GPS was a country club or private golf club. Get with it Philly, there are more public golfers than private golfers.

Reviewed April 27, 2009

Played this course on 4/25 with an afternoon tee time. They were running so far behind that we were already 45 minutes behind schedule when we teed off. After a 3hr 10min front nine where we waited on every single shot, we walked off the course. Even though the clubhouse can monitor the course and pace of play via their GPS system, we didn't see a single ranger to keep up a decent pace. There were also no cart girls on a busy Saturday.

The course has a nice layout and tons of potential, but without decent management this place is a waste of time. Don't play here during peak times unless you have six hours to burn.

Reviewed March 10, 2009

Reviewed August 14, 2008

This is one of the best and hardest public course in SE PA that I'm aware of (along with Glen Mills, Wyncote, and Lederach), and I look forward to playing it every season, but it's not among my top 3 or 4 favorites. The course has variety, interest, and is highly challenging, requiring not only skill and strategy, but patience and thoughtfulness. Like most well designed courses, it really takes playing this over time to develop the level of familiarity and local knowledge necessary to score consistently well -- and that by itself can be a problem even for a good amateur here considering the greens fees. This course is probably worth the price of admission, but it's simply not a price that most can -- or would be willing -- to shell out on a frequent basis. So, except for those who put out for memberships, the number of rounds one will play in a season here is likely to be more limited than at other venues, which works against developing a comfort level with this course. As a result, even if you're striking it decently, it can still feel more like a grind than very much fun to play here. This is also a lay-out that demands that you be pretty much at the top of your game to score half-way decently -- there's nothing wrong with that, but be aware that if you're fighting your swing on the day you happen to reserve your tee time, you're going to be in for a very long and unpleasant day unless you can just say "the hell with it" and enjoy the view (which I can't...). And the view is nice: the course itself usually looks great, there are scenic views of the countryside from high points, and the holes are spread out over such acreage that you often don't know that there are other holes around. The course conditions have always been excellent when I've played, and the gps systems in the carts would be great for getting yardages IF you could take the carts to your ball, which in a number of cases you can't!! For an "upscale" course, there do seem to be an inordinate number of high school/college guys & gals on the summer payroll who seem to know or care nothing about working a golf course, are singularly unhelpful, and might as well be flipping Big Macs. All in all, a top notch golf course, but, again, for a variety of reasons not among my favorites.

Reviewed August 10, 2008

I'm torn on this one. In short, you should play it. It is very interesting. The higher elevation holes are just great. The lower elevation holes were just so so, partly because the lower holes were cart path only and there were a couple bad brown patches. Plus, there are houses on some of the holes. Overall, I'd rate it just below a four. I'm not dying to go back, but I'm glad I played it. I think part of the problem is that it could be a super course, but the staff lacks a certain amount of class (and by class I mean making people feel welcome.) As a filed private course, you get the sense they want to be sort of pretentious, but every private course I have played, the staff has been more than welcoming. Again, it is definitely worth playing.

Reviewed July 24, 2008

Excellent Course!!! This course is great and anyone who writes a bad review must have grown up with a silver spoon in their mouth. Only a spoiled brat would say anything negative about this layout. The greens are excellent and for the price it is GREAT!!!

Reviewed July 05, 2008

I don't understand how anyone can rate this course below a 4. Unless you play exclusively private country clubs this is one of the best daily fee courses I have every played anywhere in the country. Sure occassionally the course may have poor greens at one point or another but what course doesn't. Trust me and play this course and when you look back on a certain hole (not sure which) you'll be asking the question what course is that over there? The first time I was there I wondered that. The answer is that this course stretches over such a vast area that you feel like you're alone on every hole. You'd be dead if you tried to walk it.

Did I mention what a challenge it is? Most shots are uphill to the greens so the holes usually play longer than the yardage indicates on the card. Anyone over a 10 should not even consider anything but the white tees here. I think regardless of what you shoot though that this will be one of the most scenic and enjoyable rounds of your life.

For the promotional rate's their charging now it's the best value around this area.

Reviewed June 01, 2008

This is a very fine golf course with dramatic changes in elevation and a very interesting layout. I play a lot of private courses and this course stacks up well with many of those courses. The staff was extremely friendly, the facility, including the locker room was very nice. We had dinner afterwards and it was delightful. The course is extremely challenging from the back tees. This course is as good as any of the well known public access courses in the Delaware Valley.

Reviewed January 12, 2008

Great course. Par 5 to start, par 5 to end. Views are awesome. Can be tough if its cart path only, many of the holes are boweld out, with steep inclines.

Reviewed September 16, 2007

Being not the greatest golfer in the world whose journey to nicer courses is rare, I guess I don't see the problems many of the people below me see. I thought this course was terrific! I agree that there seems to be an aeration problem but nothing that isn't able to be looked over. Greens were nice, the staff was friendly and the course was challenging. Only problems we had was the slowness of the foursome in front of us!

Reviewed September 04, 2007

Impressed but let down. I couldn't agree more with a lot of the reviews here. This course was laid out and designed with a challenging game in mind and awesome scenery to view. My only complaint about the upkeep of the course was the greens. They were very dry and sandy, which really wasn't as bad as I would make it seem here, however they were far more aerated then they needed to be. The holes left behind by the aeration machine and little or no watering left a very unfair putting surface. Other than that I found the course a challenge and an enjoyment to play. As for the staff, perhaps I got lucky when paying, that went smoothly, although I was completely shocked when I had to pay $20 per person to use ONE cart. I had been given an all greens fee paid certificate for a gift, and still paid over $40 to play. Then out to the cart pickup, this is where the real fun began. The tow "kids" working at the cart pickup were all but clueless, there were no carts available, when we asked where the driving range was and where to get the balls, we were simply told to get the balls inside and that the driving range was "down that hill somewhere". Perplexed, we decided to stand around feeling that if we left our positions, our reservations would be forgotten completely. We also only saw the drink cart once in 18 holes. We also used the GPS system to pre order our lunches when prompted at the end of the eighth whole as to expedite our order, when we arrived at the clubhouse, we waited as long as if we had ordered when we arrived and as if we ordered something far more difficult to make than hotdogs. Not once did we see a ranger on the course which would have been a godsend. We started 4 mintues ahead of schedule, which given the overview of the staff as a whole, was a miracle in itself, however with the lack of course rangers and the slow group ahead, we finished almost a full hour behind schedule. Pitty the folks waiting to get started an hour behind their reservations, as we finished the entire day. This course is definitely set up to give the golfer the feel of a posh 5 star experience with GPS tee box to cup distance tracking on a nice sized LCD screen located in the cart, a challenging and visually pleasing course and the capabilities of 5 star on and off course service. However, as noted above by others, the management and staff have few hurdles to overcome to get it there. Perhaps I was there shortly after this "new management" took over, but given the response that was given to "KRGE" above concerning the managers response to his concerns, I doubt they can overcome what they are missing to make this course reach its full potential. I wonder, if Rees Jones were able to experience this course and its service, what he would think about what it has become since its inception.

Overall, with the love for the game, I still managed to have a fun day with my group. This review and the others above and / or below should simply serve as a "heads up" to the management of Tattersall at Broad Run, to "up their level of play". Would I return? I probably will, everyne deserves a second chance. But if service remains the same, I highly doubt a third visit would be in my future.

Reviewed August 30, 2007

Incompetent staff, no carts available, course was in terrible shape. Midweek $45 is overpriced, this is a $20 dog track at best. Don't waste your money.

Reviewed August 27, 2007

Reviewed July 16, 2007

Wonderful course let down by the staff. The course is challenging, and picturesque. The problem lies with the details around the golf. My foursome arrived a full 40 minutes before tee time to warm up. We waited in line at the clubhouse to pay for 15 minutes, while 5 high school/college age workers stood behind the counter and watched one person work. Then, we were informed that they had "run out" of practice tee balls. After staring at the tee box for 5 minutes, we had to ask the kid at the carts whether we should go up for our tee time, which he responded, "sure, go ahead." Only one of the two gps systems worked on our carts, which I was told, shouldn't be on at all, as the shut the system down. We saw the drink cart once in 18 holes. When we arrived at the signiture 17th hole, we were greeted by the whole tee box being flooed, and the sprinklers still on. When we called for help, the clubhouse acted liked this was the first they had heard of it...meaning it had probably been on all day by the looks of the box. Its a shame, really, because the course really is something, its just let down by the new management. Our complaint to the on duty manager was met with this, "This is a $120 course, and you are getting a deal at our rates." Yeah, we got a deal, once. I won't be back, and I will miss the fun course.

Reviewed July 09, 2007

Some people say this course is not well maintained but when went on a weekday around 2:00pm the conditions where great. This course had some really challenging shots and good course management comes into play with the help of GPS system provided in each cart.


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Golf Course Information

About Broad Run Golfer's Club

Broad Run Golfer's Club

Community facility

Managed by Byler Holdings

14 tees driving range

18 regulation holes

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No recent major awards have been noted.

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Course Staff

Chad Rightmyer, Superintendent
Tom Morgan, Golf Professional

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