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900 Clubhouse Dr
Harleysville, PA  19438-2181
United States
P: (215) 513-3034
F: (215) 513-4326
Lederach Course

18 hole regulation length course

Municipal golf course

72 par | 7,023 yards

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Lederach Golf Course

The 18-hole "Lederach" course at the Lederach Golf Club facility in Harleysville, Pennsylvania features 7,023 yards of golf from the longest tees for a par of 72. Designed by Kelly Blake Moran, the Lederach golf course opened in 2006. Brown Golf Management manages this facility, with Daniel Washleski, PGA as the General Manager.

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Time5am - 9pm
Price $0 - $500
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Reviewed October 14, 2013

Played this course yesterday and found it in good shape for this time of year. The greens were in excellent shape. It is good to see they changeed the bunkers from sand to grass that are in the middle of several fairways.

Reviewed September 05, 2013

If the greens particularly and some of the holes weren't completely overdone and ridiculous I would play this course a few times a month. As it is I play it maybe once a year for a fun Scramble event only.

Reviewed November 03, 2010

I have played this course alot and have always enjoyed it. The undulating greens make approaches, chipping and putting very interesting. Although it is in a housing development, the houses really never come into play. There are a few fairway bunkers, but only on the drive on 2 and the second shot on 3 are they not visible. Only blind approach shot is on 4 unless you hit a 250 yard drive. None of these are issues after you've played here once. Course plays longer than the yardage. Holes 12 through 15 are one of hardest stretches around. Really like the carts with ball and club washers. Only complaint that I have is pace of play. But I think that is caused by golfers playing from too difficult tee boxes. Maybe need more and more assertive rangers. Pub is fine for a public course, a number of nice flat screens and food is always pretty good. Service has always been competent and friendly.

Reviewed August 20, 2010

ive read some of the previous reviews and they are all over the place. ive played here several times over the past few years and its kind of refreshing to play a course that puts your game and your mind to the test. most courses in the area have boring holes with flat greens, and i dont enjoy that driver-wedge type of golf. people are complaining about bunkers being in strange places, well you aim away from trouble. i believe Riviera has a green with a bunker right in the middle of it but i guess that course sucks too. and people say the greens undulate too much, well i guess Oakmont sucks too then. its one of the better public courses in greater Philly in my opinion.

Reviewed October 16, 2009

I will start with the good things. The fairways are superb,tight and firm,but the ball sits up nicely making the ball easier to hit. The greens are fast and in great shape,and a little on the firm side. The tees were excellent. Now for the bad things. The course is surrounded by houses which I have never liked. The houses really are not in play unless you hit one way ,way, off line. Without a doubt there are out of bounds all over the place. A lot of holes seem to come from bizarro world,6,8,9,15,17,18, to name a few. They seem to be designed by someone who did not play golf. The 6th for example is a par 5 that starts off with a carry of about 100 yards over a waste area to a fairway that runs kind of perpendicular to your tee shot. The fairway slopes sharply from left to right,and there are houses at the top of the fairway. To the right of the fairway is a creek and brush. In the middle of the fairway, where your ball should go is a big trap that is impossible to miss, so you basically have to lay up short so you do not go in the trap on a par 5. The green is strange. It slopes with the fairway left to right with a big hugh hump in the left center making the ball run off the green. The 8th has a straight away tee shot that must carry a trap in the center of the fairway. The green is weird,the front third slopes down from a 15 foot high hill to, off the green. There is no level spot,so hitting there makes you roll off the green. It makes absolutely no sense. The rest of the green has a rise in the center so the ball rolls off on all sides unless you can spin it. I did not enjoy the course because the favorite design features were traps and large gum drop grass humps in the center of many fairways where you should want to hit the ball,and hilly greens that frustrate you. I will not return unless it is to bring someone to see the bizarre golf holes.

Reviewed October 12, 2009

Very cool course. The greens are CRAZY with undulations, but fast and true. Had a great time. Great condition. The only reason why the "Scenery" rating is low is because the course basically runs through a housing development.

Reviewed September 17, 2009

the course was robbed recently...someone stole all the sand from the bunkers!.. it was disgraceful. not sure what was worse: no sand or that no one (staff or golfers) had made any efforts to rake/maintain the dirt that was left in the bunkers. a pretty difficult course, with lots of pretty holes and vistas. 13th hole is a nightmare: there is no signs or anything to let you know that you have a teeshot to a fairway which slopes down and to the right, plus an absolute 90 degree dogleg. BEWARE! several greens are very narrow, front to back...great for PGA pros...not so easy for regular golfers. great bar: had the actual glasses for each Irish beer we ordered.

Reviewed August 11, 2009

It seems like there are quite disparate opinions about this course based on the reviews written so far. Here are some of my humble opinions about this course:
1. Probably the one of the most interesting (in terms of difficulty, variation from hole to hole, various types of hazards, etc.) courses within ~60 mile radius. So for that, I'd encourage anyone to play here at least once. I myself wasn't too fond of the place in the beginning for reasons I can't remember, but I've grown to like this course. Definitely keeps me more interested than the local courses like Mainland, Center Square, Skippack, Pine Crest, etc.

2. The staff are nice and they have one of the better bars. There seems to be no course ranger...which means you can really milk your time there...which pisses off guys like me who doesn't like being on the course for more than 4 1/2 hours.

3. Value-wise? I think you can find a lot more interesting and higher value courses if you drive an hour to two hours from this area. Lot of great courses near Lehigh Valley, Pottstown, Kutztown, Lebanon, etc.

Final Thoughts: I encourage you to play here if you haven't, but I do agree there are higher value courses if you're willing to drive a bit further.

Reviewed July 14, 2009

pretty good, challenging course....conditions are good not great, there's some spotty rough if you get too far off the fairway...greens are cartoonish, could be a really tough putting day depending on where the pins are....a must play in the area

Reviewed July 10, 2009

Very challenging course. A lot of hazards come into play off the tee box where you're often hitting over shrubs/tall grass. Then to annoy you more the course has traps right where the average golfer would normally drive the ball. The course makes you think hard about each shot. Its relatively well maintained but I'm not a fan of all the houses around the course or the way the tall grass was left laying there after it was cut. Plus some of the rough was poorly maintained off the fairway. Tee boxes were nice as were the greens. Putting was very difficult with very hilly/tricky greens. I think the course is overrated based on what I had heard. Definitely better values elsewhere.

Reviewed June 13, 2009

Course is in excellent shape. No houses are currently built too close to the fairways or tee boxes. The first green made me laugh out loud just looking at the undulations. Many fairways approach a green where the pin is hidden behind a mound, or series of mounds, right in front of the green. Some long par 3s, and a 630 yard uphill par 5. Friendly staff. Grass range. A top shelf golf experience, loved it. Going back very soon.

Reviewed June 12, 2009

Nice people, good Scenery. The greens are like a sceen out of you worst nightmare. I do not think that there is one square foot of Green that is Level. That aside, I'm going back!!!

Reviewed May 21, 2009

Reviewed May 20, 2009

golferguy555's comments and conversation about "DOATL" is one of the funniest things I've ever read! That should be be published in a Golf Mag.

Reviewed May 19, 2009

Reviewed April 22, 2009

Excellent course and has potential to be totally beautiful once all the construction around the course is finished. Offers a huge challenge. The clubhouse and pro shop is real nice.

Reviewed February 06, 2009

Probably my favorite course in the area. The greens, tees, and fairways are in exceptional condition. The rough is spotty in certain areas but overall not bad. People also need to remember this course only opened 3 years ago and needs time to mature. personable staff and above average amenities. Can't wait to be back this summer again!

Reviewed October 17, 2008

This course is a mess. I am a 4 handicap and play a lot of local courses (mostly private) and I get to play a lot of the local classics (ie Merion/Aronimink/Cricket etc). This course is bad on a number of levels, but #1 is the design. Talk about contrived and hokey. Two examples:
Hole number 1: hit a good drive with a wedge to the green and what do you get? A giant hump in front of the green that obscures the green. So I hit it long and what do you get? A silly impossible downhill chip with all kinds of hills and slope on the green.
Hole #17 - One hump in front of the green isn't good enough, we get two humps! A brand new design feature, the false hump. Having cleared that and run off the back of the green, I need to chip on. What do we have on the green? A giant pimple! Not kidding, you have to see it to believe it. So instead of a normal chip, I have to flop it over the pimple (still made par).

I could go on and on, but it is just a design mess. I have never seen anything this bad. Kelly Moran should go out and play a Ross course or a Tillinghast course to see what the masters did and trust me, he will see no double humps and pimples.

Course condition is terrible. Miss the fairway and you don't get rough, it is tufts of grass and weeds and lots of rock and red clay. We just put our balls on grass, as I wasn't going to ruin my clubs on this mess. I also think they scraped all of the topsoil off as the fairways and greens are rock hard and don't recieve shots well (as a result you end up behind humps hitting to pimples). There are also weeds all over the fairways.

But the best: they actually have a sign on the cart that says "we want to keep pace of play good, please play in 5 hours". The goal is 5 hours? At my club, play in over 4 hours and you can get your privleges suspended. It took us 5 hours and 30 minutes to play today.

For all this, you get to pay a premium price relative to the other public tracks in the area.

My advice stay away, I will never go back. Blow this puppy up and start over,

Response to bedwetter: Not sure why you are so emotionally attached to this course, its not like it is your club or anything. I could post my GHIN number and if you have an index, you will know that GAP revisions come out today and my number is 4.4. Even if I was a 44, this course is still a disaster. Its like Moran took a normal track and dumped big piles of dirt all over the fairways and greens and then seeded them. My 10 year old son could do it and get the same result. I am not some private course snob, I went private about 2 years ago and played public courses (still do) for over 20 years. For the money, just go to bella vista. Same price, great course. I think the USGA rating and Slope is higher there anyway so the USGA thinks it is a better test than "Lederache". Mainland is right down the road and costs half as much and is a normal track. Not very tough, but at least it is fun to play.
And the whole thing about links golf in your post is a joke. I Have been to Ireland 4 times in the past year and played some of the best links courses in the world. They didn't have goofy humps and pimples. I don't really care who rated this course as "must play" it is a mess. I think the critics like it because it is different. I do applaud Moran for trying to apply some new concepts, but come on, this thing is just plain goofy.

In any event - enjoy your 6 hour rounds flopping it over the pimple.

For those of you looking for a solid course that is a great test - go to Bella Vista. At least they don't have weeds in the fairways and while you pay a premium price, you get a premium product (I don't think they scraped all of their topsoil off like the horror show at Lederach)

Response to Bedwetter:

I think Bedwetter or DOATL (Defender of all things Lederarch) plays this course every weekend. Here is a typical conversation with DOATL and the crew he plays with:

DOATL: Boy what a great day out here today, 6th hole and we are only 2 hours into our round.
Golfer #1: Yeah we might even break our record of 6 hours 15 minutes for a round.
DOATL: I know that other clubs have rangers and pace of play enforcement, but they are Nazi's. We just want to enjoy our 6 plus hour rounds. No fun playing in 4 hours.
Golfer #2: Hey, I think I ruined my 5 iron on #4 hitting it from the rocks in the rough.
DOATL: Well if you understood the ball placement requirements for this great course you might, just might not let your ball go 2 feet off the fairway. Hey - I am on my 3rd set of irons this year as I ruined clubs on the rocks, but that is my fault, nothing to do with the greenskeeper.
Golfer #1 - I hear the US Open is coming to Merion.
DOATL - That Ivory tower course is terrible. So what if it is ranked #7 in the world. Golf Magazine rated Lederach 11 for the public courses in PA. That would put it solidly in the top 3000 courses in the country.
Golfer #2: Yeah and they don't have pimples on the greens.
DOATL: Exactly.
Golfer #1: I heard they are thinking about moving the British Open here as this is the best Links course in the world.
DOATL: Well if they don't they should. The so called great Links courses in Scotland and Ireland don't even have Jersey Barriers in front of the greens.
Golfer#1: I think some guy on #3 complained about the hiddden bunker in the middle of the fairway he hit his ball into.
DOATL: He needs to dispense with the whining. #@#&!! hit him in the head with your wedge.
Golfer #2: Boy, I still can't believe we get to play this place for only $75 bucks.
Golfer #1: I feel like I am stealing $50 when I play here.
DOATL: Exactly
Golfer #1: Hey DOATL, how is it having a house on #17.
DOATL: Well first of all, I look out my window and the first thing I see is the pimple on the green. Still can't believe I got a house here. You know there are only 1,000 houses ringing the course, so I am lucky.
Golfer #1: And you are on the pimple.
Golfer #2: I heard a rumor that there were going to redo #17 and get rid of it.
DOATL: You mean.........
Golfer#2 Yes. Pop the pimple.
DOATL: Then the course would be no good. We are the only course in the world with a pimple on the green.
Golfer #1: Okay, time to tee off. We only had to wait 20 minutes to tee off.
DOATL: This place is the best golf course facility in the world.

A few hours later......

Golfer #1 Well we finally made the turn. Things kind of slowed down. Took us 2 hours to play those last 4 holes.
DOATL: Yeah, but look at it this way, we get to spend more time at a course that is absolutely one of the top public venues in the Philly area if not the world.
Golfer #2 Good point. And the hot dog at the clubhouse was fantastic.
DOATL: Thats because the staff is friendly and the ammenities are above average.
Golfer #1 What is so good about the ammenities?
DOATL: Two kinds of mustard; brown and yellow.
Golfer #3: Hey, has anybody heard from golfer #4?
Golfer #2: Still in the hospital and no brain activity
DOATL: Well he deserved what he got. He was boo hoo hooing, klenex in hand after he shot that 125. I told you this course is NOT for the beginner or high handicapper of which Golfer #4 is both.
Golfer #1: That was kind of rough plowing him over with the cart.
DOATL: Thus gracing us with his absence.....
Golfer #2: Did you have to go hunt down his 10 year old son?
DOATL: Listen you @#!!!%# I hate kids. And like they say "Sins of the Father" and all that. I am sure that precocious brat would have grown up just like his father, hating the golf temple that is Lederach.
Golfer #2: Gee DOATL, maybe you should try the decaf.
DOATL: Keep it up and I will bang you in the kneecap with my driver.
Golfer #2: Well lets tee off. Hopefully we can make it through the back nine in 4 hours....

30 minutes later...

Golfer #2: Hey DOATL that was a tough 5 putt on 10 green.
DOATL: Well I told you the most Diabolical part of this course is the greens.
Golfer #1: Still, you are a 22 handicapper and can even break 90 once in awhile. Your par putt was only 12 feet from the hole and yet a 5 putt.
DOATL: The "trick" is to position the ball in the correct locations based on the characteristics of the hole. Do that and you can leave unscathed. These greens don't result in an inherently unfair test.
Golfer #2: So on that hole, what is the correct location?
DOATL: Well of course, leave your putt inside 6 inches below the hole.
Golfer #2: Gee DOATL, how did you get so smart, knowledgeable and just plain cool.
DOATL: You forgot witty.
Golfer #2: And witty.
DOATL: I often ask myself that question. I look in the mirror in the mornings and say "DOATL, how did you get so good?". Still not quite sure how it happened.
Golfer #1: Okay, lets tee off on hole number 11. I am going to try and hit it over the rock pile.

Reviewed September 15, 2008

Okay, first let's dispense with the whiners who complain about this course being "tricked up." Yes, it's a links style layout, which by definition means that there will be multiple undulations, mounds, hills, and other impediments to getting a true roll of the ball on the fairways. On this course, placement of drives (and 2nd shots on par 5's) is critical, and it can certainly take a few rounds to get acclimated. Decent shots hold the fairways, however, and I've never seen a ball land near the middle and bounce sideways into the rough. And yes, as a links course there will be a number of sidehill, uphill, and downhill lies, but not nearly as frequently as some have claimed -- well placed shots are usually rewarded with level lies. The most diabolical element of this course is found on the greens -- they are fast and hilly, with multiple undulations and breaks. Like the rest of the course, they take some getting used to, but they present a fair test, and are kept in immaculate condition. The "trick" to the greens is the same as the fairways -- placing the ball in the correct locations. Do this and you can score; don't do it and it can be a very long day. The condition of this course is generally excellent, although the rough is still a bit patchy. Friendly staff and above average amenities. This is absolutely one of the top public venues in the Philly area, although it is decidedly NOT for the beginner or high handicapper. Pace of play on weekends is generally pretty good, with start times staggered appropriately.

ADDENDUM: After posting the above on 8/8/08 in an effort to clear the air of whining about this most interesting and challenging course, "golferguy555" immediately chimes in, Kleenex in hand, loudly boo-hooing about the presumably bad breaks he experienced due to the "contrived and hokey" nature of this "mess" of a course. Golferguy is anxious to establish at the beginning that any problems he encountered here could not have been due to his play or judgment: after all, he's allegedly a 4 handicap who routinely plays the top private courses in the area. Apparently slumming for a day at Lederach, he's appalled by what he sees: Humps and Slopes and Pimples, Oh My! Yes, Lederach is replete with these horrors but, as I tried to point out, these do not inherently result in an unfair test. To the contrary, if golferguy and others like him bothered to play this track over time, they might (I emphasize MIGHT) gain some knowledge of the ball placement requirements necessary to make it around this venue relatively unscathed (or at least somewhat less scathed...). Lederach is quite consistent in requiring precise placement on fairways and greens in accordance with the characteristics of each hole. This makes for a high quality course which demands thought every bit as much as execution. Is it hard? Yes. Is it quirky? Yes, to some extent, as I certainly can't argue that all the humps and bumps are part of the natural landscape. But the bottom line is that this is an eminently fair test on a track that, while it may not match the storied qualities of the ivory tower private courses that golferguy references, is in many respects more interesting (and, yes, I've played those ivory towers myself). Interestingly, the latest issue of Golf Magazine lists the top public courses in the country, and then lists the best by state. The PA list includes 15 courses: Lederach is number 11 on that list (for SE PA, only Glen Mills and Wyncote are rated higher)! So, golferguy, you can take your alleged 4 handicap back behind the gated walls of your beloved plantation courses where the membership committee Nazis can strip your privileges for exceeding a 4-hour round, while the rest of us will simply enjoy the game. And, by the way, the conditions of the fairways and greens are consistently excellent (though I agree the rough isn't good) -- the comment that the fairways are full of weeds is simply ridiculous. I will commend golferguy on one aspect of his review, however: his vow to never return. Thank you for that...

Since the last addendum occasioned by golferguy 555's gnashing of teeth and tear-stained memoir of his torment at the hands of this "disaster" of a course, mr. guy is at it again, suggesting that his 10 year old son could duplicate the architectural prowess Moran demonstrated at "Lederache." No doubt mr. guy's son is quite precocious, having as a mentor a gentleman who, as evidence of his refined judgment in all things related to course design, insistently points out his 4.4 index to all who will listen, drops names of the private courses he typically frequents, and is now eager to inform us that he has played links courses in Ireland not once, not twice, but FOUR times in the past year. How sad that we mere mortals (and the course reviewers for Golf Magazine) are unable to see that we've been hoodwinked by this "goofy" course design that bears no relation to the "real" links courses with which mr. guy is so intimately familiar. Thank you, thank you, mr. guy for showing us the error of our ways. And thank you even more heartily for your jaunts out of the country, thus gracing us with your absence...

Golferguy555 (AKA "FIGJAM, Jr."), while winging off to Ireland with his only friend Reginald for their 12th links vacation in the last 6 months, was overheard congratulating himself on his latest witty response to davidbedwetter, and his third trashing of Lederach. Unknown to FIGJAM, Jr., the conversation was recorded, and is offered verbatim below.
(Note: FIGJAM is allegedly the nickname given to Mickelson by several of his peers, standing for F***I'm Good Just Ask Me. On the basis of Golferguy's posts, it's not puzzling how he acquired the moniker of "FIGJAM, Jr." He did it the old fashioned way -- he earrrned it!) And now, the recorded conversation:

FIGJAM, Jr: You know, Reginald, my latest post should finally put an end to Bedwetter's pitiful attempts to match wits with me.

REGINALD: Quite right, Figgy, old boy! Imagine the cheek of a public course hacker believing he could challenge the superior intellect and course design knowledge of a 4.4 Index like yourself, who also happens to be a member of the finest private establishments in the land. It's quite droll, really...

FIGJAM, Jr: Indeed it is, Reginald old chap. Oh, have I mentioned that my 4.4 Index will soon be dropping dramatically thanks to my setting course records at Merion East and Pine Valley the last two outings?

REGINALD: Indeed, Figgy, I believe you have alluded to those accomplishments in virtually every other sentence you've uttered over the past week. Jolly good showing!

FIGJAM, Jr: And I would easily have posted a 59 at Pine Valley if it hadn't been for Crump's asinine design!! Imagine: isolated tee boxes, isolated fairways, and isolated greens, each surrounded by scrub, sand, dense woods, and rough which was in despicable condition! Why, my 10 year old son could lay out a better track than Crump!!

REGINALD: No doubt, Figgy, no doubt. Young Figgy is quite the precocious one -- I'm quite certain that his early acceptance to Princeton for next year will make him the youngest student in the history of that august institution of higher learning.

FIGJAM, Jr: Well, you know what they say, Reginald, "Like father, like son."

REGINALD: Indeed, Figgy. You certainly wouldn't catch the likes of Bedwetter's son so much as sniffing the hallowed halls of the Ivy League at any age! Why, I'm sure the Bedwetter clan would struggle just to make it to a community college!
(Loud guffaws are heard throughout the 1st class cabin)

FIGJAM, Jr: Oh attendant, attendant! Would you be so kind as to bring us another round of Pimms, my dear? You know, Reginald, I'm still not sure whatever possessed us to descend among the unwashed masses to even play at Lederach that dreadful day.

REGINALD: Oh Figgy, how like you to downplay your noble humanitarianism. You have said yourself many times how important it is for those of us occupying the upper crust of society to occasionally familiarize ourselves with the quaint habits of the surplus population known as the middle class. Our only error was in choosing such a hostile, forbidding setting as Lederach for our excursion among the commoners.

FIGJAM, Jr: How true! The traumatic memories of that day haunt me still! The humps and slopes and pimples are etched in my mind like visions from hell! I see them even in my sleep, and am jarred awake trembling in a cold sweat! Sometimes the torment seems too great to bear, and I long for the soothing sameness of my beloved plantation courses.

REGINALD: Be strong, Figgy, be strong! We won't have to venture among the lower classes for another year. And when we do, we'll be certain to choose a venue more suitable to your temperament: a course where ball placement, feel, and creativity are irrelevant; a course where you can whack the ball around blindfolded and be assured that your 4.4 Index will remain safe.

FIGJAM, Jr: Thank you, Reginald. That will help a great deal. Oh, and by the way, did I mention that my 4.4 Index will soon be dropping due to the course records I just set at Medinah and Oakmont?

REGINALD: Oh, attendant! More Pimms over here please, and make it quick!

Reviewed September 02, 2008

Very dissapointed after playing a round last week. Staff was rude (GM at the cash register, and the starter telling us we were late when we checked in 10 min before our tee time) Conditions were embarrassing for the $50 green fee - the chipping areas around the greens were completely saturated. Rough is hardly maintained. When you charge what you do and design a course as difficult as this one (bunkers in the middle of several fairways, riduculous undulation), the course must be in great shape. I will not be going back to Lederach anytime soon.


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