Finley, North Dakota Golf Courses

There are 0 golf courses in Finley, North Dakota.There are another 2 golf courses within 20 miles of Finley, including 1 public, 1 municipal and 0 private courses. The oldest course in the Finley area is the Hope Golf Club opened in 1960. The longest course is Northwood Golf Course, which is 2,865 yards.

There are no Golf Courses in "Finley, ND". However following courses are near that area.

9 holes over 2,865 yards with a par of 35 (Public) Write a Review
368 37 Street
Northwood, ND 58267
(701) 587-5373
14 miles from the center of Finley. Write a Review
9 holes (Municipal) Write a Review
3 Miles West of Hope
Hope, ND 58046
(701) 945-2395
16 miles from the center of Finley. Write a Review


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