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Nick H.  uploaded photos of Shadow Creek North Las Vegas, Nevada

Louis P.  Scored 72 at  Coyote Lakes Surprise, Arizona

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Michael H.  Scored 102 at  Tanners Brook Forest Lake, Minnesota

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How to Cure a Flat Swing Plane If you stuck underneath the swing plane on the downswing and slap hooking the ball practice getting your palm down and swinging it around your waist as if you were throwing a discus.
4 Most Common Causes of the Hook (and How to Fix Them) There are four common reasons for why golfers hook the ball, find out which one applies to you and how to fix it
How to Set Up for a One-Plane Golf Swing Make a rehearsal swing behind the ball; take your grip and then step in with your right foot and bow into the ball with your hips. For a one plane swing it is imperative that you are bent over sufficiently at the hips.