Butler, Alabama Golf Courses

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There is 1 golf course in Butler, Alabama and 0 are municipal courses. The oldest course in the Butler area is the Choctaw Country Club opened in 1960. The longest course is Choctaw Country Club, which is 3,006 yards.

9 holes over 3,006 yards with a par of 36 (Private) Write a Review
Country Club Drive
Butler, AL 36904
(205) 459-2529
2 miles from the center of Butler. Write a Review


Elmer O.  Scored 76 at  Rock Springs, Willow Springs Athens, Tennessee

Elmer O.  Scored 43 at  Lambert Acres, White Maryville, Tennessee

Elmer O.  Scored 42 at  Lambert Acres, Red Maryville, Tennessee

Elmer O.  Scored 91 at  Shell Landing Gautier, Mississippi

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