Srixon ZX Fairway Wood Review

By Amy Masand

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Srixon has become a respected brand for irons in the last few years. Their biggest opportunity is to keep expanding their range to include more fairways and metalwoods. In January 2021, they’ll be releasing four new clubs - two metalwoods (ZX5 and ZX7), a utility iron, and the ZX fairway wood which we’ll go over here.

ZX Wood Performance: Improving on the F Z85

The ZX fairway wood offers tour-level performance, including a piercing ball flight and less spin. It has a compact profile and a shallow face. The head shape and the face angle are neutral.


Srixon’s previous fairway wood release, the F Z85 was well-received and landed on a number of Top 10 lists for fairways that offered distance and speed. The ZX fairway continues to refine on that technology while adding in a few new features. The overall goal for this piece of equipment? Help golfers hit the sweet spot more easily when using a fairway club.

The ZX Fairway and the F Z85 both have a crown step. This moves the center of gravity down and increases the MOI. To put it simply, it stabilizes off center strikes. The carbon crown from the F Z85 is used on the ZX fairway, but only for the 13.5 and 15 degree lofts. For the 18 and 21 degree lofts, you’ll find a stainless steel crown instead.

New Technology: Rebound Frame and Cannon Sole

The key features of the ZX fairway wood is the rebound frame. Industry-wide, golf equipment companies have been looking for ways to work around the limits on how “hot” a face can be. Other competitors have responded to this in different ways. For example, Callaway uses an A.I. designed face on their Mavrik driver and Titleist uses a new material (ATI 425 Aerospace Aluminum) on the TSi2 and TSi3 driver’s clubface.


Srixon’s solution to this problem? Rebound frame technology - which alternates firm and flexible zones on the clubface to shift more energy for the ball (for shots that hit the sweet spot and those that don’t.) To put it simply, this helps maximize ball speed off the clubface. The same technology is also used on the new ZX metalwoods.

A secondary new technology for the ZX fairway wood is the cannon sole system. There’s a weight behind the hitting area in the sole that slopes upward and forward to optimize the center of gravity. This is an enhancement of the crown step on the F Z85 which moved the center of gravity down and increased the MOI to stabilize off center strikes. In the ZX fairway wood, the size of the carbon crown is now 15% larger.


ZX Fairway: Specifications and Options

The ZX Fairway comes with three shaft options - Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black 60 is the standard shaft, and the two other premium options are the Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 and Project X Evenflo Riptide 50/60. Here are the detailed specifications:

Model 3+ 3 5 7
Length 43" 43" 42.5" 42"
Loft (°) 13.5 15 18 21
Lie (°) 57.5 57.5 58 58.5

What’s Good About the Srixon ZX Fairway?

If you need forgiveness on mis-hits, this club is a great option for you. Having a reliable club in your bag like this is a confidence booster. This is a good looking club from a company that continues to innovate and expand their line, while offering excellent value. When it comes to distance vs. accuracy, the number one benefits of this club is helping to improve your accuracy.

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Amy Masand is a Junior Editor at GolfLink.