Video Transcript: How to Hit a Bunker Shot With a Sand Wedge

<div class="KonaBody"> <p>Most amateurs are scared to death of sand traps. I am going to give you some tips that will help make getting out of traps a piece of cake.</p> <h2>Tips to Hit Out of a Sand Trap</h2> <p>A very important thing that you have to realize in the sand trap is that you need to have a good sand wedge, one that has a nice flange on the bottom. When you play a sand shot it is the sand wedge, and the flange on the wedge, that allows the club to slide underneath the ball and carry it out of the trap.</p> <p>Now, when you play a sand shot the most important aspect of playing it is that you must play with an open clubface. Hold the club open and then take your grip. Now when you swing through this will allow you to keep your clubface open when you come through the shot. As far as set up is concerned, dig your feet in, put the ball forward in your stance and swing the golf club back along the line of your body.</p> <p>So if my body is aimed a little bit to the left of the target with an open stance for a bunker shot, I take the club back right along the line of my feet making a full swing back and a full swing through.</p> <h2>Where Should You Hit the Sand?</h2> <p>Amateurs always ask the question where should I hit the sand? Well an inch or two, three or four inches behind the ball will be good as long as you make a good follow-through. So remember, a full swing, back and through, along the line of your feet with an open clubface is what you are trying to accomplish. Hit the sand behind the ball and allow the sand to carry the ball on to the green. If you make sure you have the face open, ball forward and make a full swing back and through, then getting out of traps will be no problem at all.</p> </div>

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Hank Haney is the instructor to PGA Tour Pros Tiger Woods and Mark O'Meara. He is listed as one of Golf Magazine's Top 100 Teachers and Golf Digest's #4 instructor in the world.


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