Proper Technique & Biomechanics of the Golf Swing

By Aaron Wein

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Although appearing simple, a proper mechanical golf swing is one of the most difficult moves to master in sports. The best and most mechanically sound swings come from consistent practice on a daily basis, which creates the muscle memory to allow the player to clear his mind and simply swing.



The golf swing begins in the hands, making the grip one of the most important facets of the game. The most commonly used grip involves interlocking your pinkie and index fingers, and there are three basic grips: neutral grip, strong grip and weak grip. The neutral grip is ideal.


When setting up to the ball, the knees should be slightly bent, and your legs should set up squarely to your target. Line the ball up near the center of your stance with shorter clubs such as the pitching wedge, and long clubs such as a three-iron closer to the front of your stance.


Keep your left arm straight, bringing the club face back low to the ground. Your wrists should turn naturally away from your body. Midway through your backswing, the club shaft should be parallel to the ground while the club head points vertically. End the backswing with your front arm near parallel to the ground and the club shaft vertical in an "L" shape.


For a smooth, yet powerful swing, lead with the hips. The move should feel like someone is pulling on your belt buckle toward your target, naturally uncoiling your swing. Keep your head back in your stance as you move your hips forward.


Your body should be facing square to the target and you should have maintained balance throughout your swing.

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