Improving Your Golf Swing

By Julie Boelhlke

Improving your golf swing cannot be solved with just one technique. Implementing multiple techniques into your golf game such as stance, locating your sweet spot, perfecting your grip as well as utilizing the assistance of golf aids are the best ways to enhance your overall golf swing.

Practice Is Key

Allow yourself to practice, both on the course as well as at the driving range. This will give you different variables in which to train your body to hit the ball better.

Follow the Basics

Proper use of the basics can help avoid wayward shots:
- Be sure your left thumb is pointing down the middle of the grip and your your right thumb is pinching the right pointer finger. (for right handers)
- Stand 18 to 24 inches from the ball with your left shoulder facing the target. Have your feet about 12 inches apart. Flex the knees. Let the arms hang down naturally.
- Use a slow, steady takeaway.
- Turn the shoulders to start the swing. Cock the wrists to bring up the club head. Keep turning the shoulders and then the torso and then the hips. Flex the left leg and keep the right knee solid.
- Stop the backswing when the club shaft is parallel to the ground. Start the downswing with a slight hip shift forward.
- After hitting the ball, turn your entire body so you face the target. Get all your weight on your forward foot. Get your back foot on the toe.
- Keep your head down until you have finished your follow-through.


Participate in golfing exercises that increase strength and body stability to aid in improving your golf swing. Exercises such as arm lifts can aid in upper body strength and flexibility, making your golf swing more powerful.

Hire a Trainer or Instructor

A golf trainer or instructor can help you with your swing. Golf courses typically have instructors on staff who can devote an hour of their time to show you how to improve your overall swing. They can also evaluate a videotape of your swing and give you exercise tips on how to strengthen your upper and lower body to get you prepared to make good shots.

Golf instructors are not always PGA certified. If you are looking for a certified instructor, you need to call the club house manager and ask specifically if they are certified before you set up your training session. The average golf lesson with a non-certified golf instructor can be anywhere from $25 to $100 an hour. A PGA-certified instructor can start out at $100 an hour and reach over $500.


Practice your golf swing daily. The more practice you have at playing golf every day, the better your swing will become. Visiting the driving range at your favorite golf course is a great way to focus on your swing plane and strengthen your golf swing so that you can perform better out on the course.

Study and Learn

Continue to study and learn. Use teaching aids that focus on creating distance as well as accuracy with the golf swing. These are essential for giving you the tools you need to improve your golf swing. Popular swing training aids include:
- SKLZ Gold Flex Strength and Tempo Trainer and the Matzie Woman's Assist Swing Trainer, both meant to aid in improving a golfer's overall golf swing.
- Jim Sowerwine's Golf Inside Approach Golf Swing training system and DVD works wonders to promote an inside-out swing path for straight shots.
- Deluxe Orange Whip Golf Swing Trainer Package with bonus DVD will give men and women a swing trainer that simulates driver motion and whip for balance and tempo and a DVD with instructions on how to improve core-fitness and flexibility.

Watch the PGA tournaments on television and study how the golf pros perfect their swing. This is a simple, and free, way to get some firsthand tips from the leaders in the golf industry.

Golf magazines are great places to start for finding informative articles from PGA professionals and other golfers. Supplement these articles with specific tips and valuable instruction from GolfLink golf experts to improve your golf swing.


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