Finding Golf Clubs for Children

By Jessica Mousseau


As the popularity of golf has grown for children, so have the options in junior golf clubs. Gone are the days when children would learn to play golf on scaled down versions of adult clubs. The new generation of golf clubs is created with children's bodies, proportions and skill level in mind. Junior golf sets have narrower grips that small children's hands can easily reach around and are lighter than adult clubs, so children have an easier time swinging them while retaining proper posture.

Getting the proper junior golf clubs for your child will help him adapt quicker to the game of golf, improve skill and lower the frustration with the learning process.

Things You'll Need

Measuring tape

Step 1: Have your child stand upright with a straight back and unbent knees.

Step 2: Measure from just slightly above your child's waist to the floor.

Step 3: Write this number down and bring it with you to the sporting goods store.

Step 4: Select a putter in the same length as the number you measured.

Step 5: Have your child practice holding the golf clubs before you buy them and make note of where his hands are on the grip.

Step 6: Watch where your child holds the clubs. If your child is choking up more than 2 inches on the clubs, they are not the proper length and will throw off his golf swing. The proper length to choke up on the golf grips is 1 inch. This ensures an ideal swing, and for most kids, it means they will get at least a year’s worth of use from the clubs before outgrowing them.


Most sporting goods store will measure your child at the point of sale. However, you are more likely to get accurate measurements of your child at home than a stranger will get in a public setting.

Junior golf sets are made for children under 10. Teenagers should use adult golf sets.

The sets for children have fewer clubs than adult golf sets. This reduces the weight of the bag, making it easier to carry. These junior golf club sets usually include the 6 through 9 irons, 3-wood, 5-wood and perhaps a driver.

Length is not the only thing that differs from adult to junior clubs. The weight of the clubs and the shaft flex are also scaled down for a child's height which explains why children should not learn to golf with adult clubs--even if those clubs have been cut down to the proper length for the child.


Do not rely on measurements alone. It is important to see your child hold the clubs in his hands to make sure that the clubs are the proper fit.



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