Choosing Women's Golf Bags

By Jeff Gordon

You can spend lots of money or relatively little money on a ladies golf bag. You can buy big, fancy leather bags like the LPGA pros use, or you can opt for small, lightweight bags designed for a quick nine holes on your home course.

The more you play, the more you will understand your needs. A novice golfer doesn't need the same bag that a serious amateur might use. A social golfer may make a different fashion statement than a regular corporate golfer makes.

Here is a checklist appropriate for most golfers:

--Do you use a caddy, ride a golf cart or use a buggy? Or do you carry your bags yourself? There are different designs for each mode of play. A cart bag is smaller, with fewer pockets and less storage. Carry and stand bags are lighter still, with room for fewer clubs and even less storage.

--If you carry your bag, how do you carry it? New models with adjustable shoulder harnesses make the task much easier. Make sure your bag offers maximum comfort in use.

--How many clubs do you use? A big staff bag can handle a full set of 14 clubs plus other equipment. At the other extreme, a slim "pencil" design allows you to carry select clubs around the course. There are many options between those extremes.

--How much stuff do you take on the course? Do you need lots of storage, some storage or very little?

--Why do you play golf? If the sport is just a fun social activity for you, then have some fun with the bag. Get something colorful and dress it up with accessories. If you play a lot of corporate events, remember that your bag is an extension of your business persona. It is your calling card.

--What sort of weather will you play in? If you are a hardy sort, then make sure the bag really is made of weather resistant material. An umbrella slot would come in handy, too.

--How much do you want to spend? The price range on golf bags is broad. If you are a beginning golfer, you should start with something simple and then invest in more elaborate bags to meet your needs on the course.

--What is the best price for the bag you want? Once you make your choice, price-check it via the Internet. Don't make an impulse buy. Compare prices on any major golf purchase, since the marketplace is very competitive.

--Always look for product reviews from other golfers and reputable golf media. 


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