Physiotherapy Shoulder Exercises

By SarkaJonae Miller

Golfers need loose and strong shoulders to get the most out of their swing. Physiotherapy exercises for the shoulders can improve your swing and help you rehab a shoulder injury or combat the effects of a condition such as arthritis.


Exercises that are done correctly can give you a more powerful swing and reduce chances of future injuries. A mix of strengthening, stabilization and stretching exercises will give you the best results.

Stabilization Exercises

Stabilization exercises increase the strength in your shoulder stabilization muscles, which will help the power and control of your swing. One stabilization physiotherapy exercise you can do is scaption. Hold a stability ball between your palms with your arms straight in front of your hips. Raise the ball to eye level as you exhale. Hold for two seconds and inhale as you lower the ball.

Strengthening Exercises

Strengthening exercises should be done for the front, middle, and rear parts of your shoulder. The reverse fly strengthens the backs of your shoulders and stretches your chest. Hold an exercise cable or dumbbell in your hands with your arms straight in front of you and parallel to the floor. Open your arms as far as you can to the sides without bending your elbows more than a little. Lateral raises will work your middle shoulder muscle and shoulder flexion will work the front.

Flexibility Exercises

You can stretch your shoulders daily to release tension and increase flexibility. An example is to stand up straight and relax your arms at your sides. Reach your right hand behind your lower back and walk your hand toward your left shoulder. Hold the stretch for 10 seconds and then repeat with the left hand.


You should try to exercise in front of a mirror to check your form because doing exercises incorrectly can make existing conditions worse. Also, do not exercise through pain. Stop and consult your doctor.

About The Author

Sarka-Jonae Miller has been a freelance writer and editor since graduating cum laude from Syracuse University in 2003. She was a personal trainer for four years with certifications from AFAA and NASM. Miller also worked at 24 Hour Fitness, LA Fitness and as a mobile trainer. Her career in the fitness industry begin in 2000 as a martial arts, yoga and group exercise instructor.


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