Sun Stroke Symptoms

By John Lindell

Sunstroke, also called heat stroke or hyperthermia, is a dangerous condition in which a person's body temperature reaches or exceeds 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Sunstroke brings on symptoms that have the potential to cause serious brain damage and even death.


Sunstroke may occur when a golfer attempts to play a round during times of high temperatures. The exposure to high temperatures can precipitate heat cramps, which left unattended will develop into the more serious stage of heat exhaustion.


A body temperature of 104 degrees is sunstroke's major symptom but others may accompany it. These include flushed skin, shallow breathing, not sweating, a racing heartbeat, muscle cramps, headaches and even seizures.

At risk

Those at greater risk of sunstroke include elderly golfers and people not used to playing in hot weather. Individuals taking medications such as antidepressants and diuretics also are at greater peril to develop sunstroke than the average person.


Treatments for sunstroke focus on quickly cooling the individual's body. Methods such as immersion in cold water, evaporating cool mist on the skin and packing the victim with ice are effective at lowering the body temperature.


By wearing loose clothing while golfing and making sure to drink plenty of fluids the golfer increases their odds of avoiding heat stroke. Using common sense and staying off the course during extreme heat waves is prudent.

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