Information on Golf Caddying

By Wayne Lin

Caddying is the closest you can get to the game of golf without actually playing. As a caddy, you are responsible for the mental support of the golfer. Caddies also help golfers select clubs, read greens and retrieve out-of-bounds balls during a round of golf.


A caddy is the right-hand man to the golfer, and as such, it is important that caddies offer help golfers and speed up the game. In addition, caddies need to be in shape and have the stamina to carry heavy golf bags for multiple rounds of golf, often in warm temperatures.


Caddies are either aspiring golfers or golfers. A very important requirement for caddies is that they know the game of golf and the course(s) where they work. 


You can either use a caddy who is employed by the clubhouse, or you can find caddies who are independently contracted. Often professional golfers have their own caddies in mind.


Traditional caddies carry golfers' bags and walk with them to each hole. The traditional caddy is used extensively for professional golfing and walking courses. For courses with golf carts, caddies are often an additional charge for golfers who want the help with shot selection and the extra course knowledge that comes from a competent caddy. Because of the carts, these caddies may not be in the best shape, though most courses still offer some caddies to provide traditional services. 


Clubs and golfers use a ranking system for caddies. They are beginners or trainees, intermediate, honor, and championship. Oftentimes rankings are given upon course performance or golfers' recommendations, and can cary from course to course. 


About The Author

Wayne Lin has played four years of golf at the collegiate level and coached junior competitors. He has written articles about golf for local newspapers and magazines. To date, Lin has played at over 90 golf courses across the United States and continues to compete in local competitions. He has a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Oklahoma.


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