Buyer’s Guide to Cheap Used Golf Clubs

By Nick Heidelberger

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There are many different types of buyers on the used golf club market, but in one way or another, they are all looking for the same thing: cheap golf clubs.

Some buyers might need a set for a one-time golf outing, and are looking for the cheapest clubs they can throw together. Beginning golfers may not be quite ready to invest in astronomically-priced equipment for their developing skills. Advanced golfers might want a great deal on top-of-the-line equipment from a couple years ago. No matter which category you fall into, there are plenty of options for you to peruse.

The Cheapest Golf Clubs You Can Find

If you’re simply looking for the cheapest golf clubs you can find, it’s time to hit the thrift stores and yard sales.

Thrift Store Golf Clubs

You can easily find individual clubs at your local thrift store for probably in the neighborhood of a buck a club. If you just want the essentials, make sure you have a driver, putter, pitching wedge and at least 2-3 irons. You may be able to snag a complete set at a discount as well, although going the thrift-store route will most likely result in purchasing clubs on an individual basis.

Yard Sales

Yard sales, or tag sales if you’re from the Northeast, are another great place to get cheap golf clubs. People who have yard sales are usually just as interested in clearing out their garage as they are in making money, so you can almost certainly get a bargain. Compared to a thrift store, you probably won’t have as great of a selection, and you’ll likely spend a little more money, but you are more likely to get a complete set and find better clubs.

Decent Clubs, Decent Price

If a driver with a wooden head and a putter that came straight from the putt-putt course down the street don’t meet your criteria for your next set of clubs, the thrift store route might not be for you. But don’t worry, you can still get decent golf clubs at a decent price.

Many sporting goods stores, especially local “ma and pop” businesses, sell second-hand golf clubs at affordable prices. Also, be sure to check your local pro shop or golf facility for bargains on used clubs.

Another option is Facebook Marketplace. One advantage of this compared to yard sales and thrift stores is you can be a little more selective of the types of clubs you’re looking for.

Great Value on Top Clubs

If you’re interested in playing top-of-the-line golf clubs at an affordable price, there are plenty of online retailers that specialize in selling used clubs from the most well-known manufacturers. Going this route will certainly be more expensive than any suggestion above, but you’ll save considerably compared to off-the-rack prices. Although club technology does advance from year to year, many clubs from the last five years still compete with today’s models from a performance standpoint.


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