Facts About the Golf Ball

By Wayne Lin

The golf ball is an intriguing ball. It's stationary when you hit it, but it's so deceptive it can be frustrating for you to continue. There are many facets of the golf game that must be used to hit a ball that doesn't move.


The dimples are the indentations on the golf ball that help the ball travel through the air. They reduce the resistance of the wind.


If the ball is heavier, the ball will travel farther, but that doesn't mean you have the most control of it. A lighter ball will go shorter, but you can control it more.

Hollow or Filled

Golf balls come in both varieties, but hollow balls are used primarily as practice balls on the driving range. Hollow balls are not allowed on the PGA Tour.

Hybrid Golf Balls

You will find hybrid golf balls in several variations such as a heavier ball with less dimples or a more dimpled ball with less weight.

Size Changes

When the ball is struck, it changes shape and reforms itself. Over time, the ball's shape will change permanently, which is why you should change balls after a couple holes.

About The Author

Wayne Lin has played four years of golf at the collegiate level and coached junior competitors. He has written articles about golf for local newspapers and magazines. To date, Lin has played at over 90 golf courses across the United States and continues to compete in local competitions. He has a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Oklahoma.


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