In Golf, What Is a Slice?

By Jon McCammon

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The most common stroke of a beginning golfer is to slice his ball. A slice is a term used in golf mechanics to explain the trajectory of a ball when hit in a fashion to cause it to turn away from a straight line. Professional golfers use this type of stroke when the need arises. It is a simple matter of how the ball is struck that causes this it.

Slicing It Up

A slice will happen when the club face comes in contact with the ball from an outside-to-inside stroke. The golfer has taken the club too high in his backstroke and over-corrects during the down stroke by bringing the clubhead from the outside in.

Take It Away

From address, start your backstroke by taking the golf club away from the ball and scrape the top of the grass. This will keep the club from being taken too high behind your shoulder.

Bring It Back

Keep your back foot planted in position and create a torsion-like spring with your femur bone. This will keep your swing plane at the right angle when starting your downswing.

Get Hippie

You should start your hips to rotate toward the target line during the downswing. Release the spring in your leg to gain power through the stroke.

Smack Attack

Bring the club back to the address position through the forward swing and smack the ball with the sweet spot of the club face. You will more than likely straighten out that nasty slice with this practice.

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