Information on Ping Golf Shafts

By Wayne Lin

Golf course bunker and green
The shaft is one of the most important parts of any golf club. In many cases, if the shaft separates from the handle or the head, it is expensive to get replaced or there is no possibility of repair. Without an adequate shaft, the golfer might not get the shot they desire.

Shafts on the Driver

The shaft on a Ping driver is graphite and enforced with lightweight materials. Driver shafts are often very lightweight and "wobbly" so the golfer can get adequate speed on his swing.


The weight of the typical Ping shafts should be approximately 96 to 125 g. Any shaft that is heavier will unbalance the golf club.

Lower Torque Shafts

Low torque shafts allow the golfer to bend the tip easier to form his shot. This is designed for low-handicap players.

Upper Torque Shafts

Upper torque shafts are heavier at the handle and are designed for the lay player because the golfer relies on swing strength.

Even Torque

Even or balanced torque shafts are often found on putters and should be on the heavy end (closer to 125 g as possible). This is so the golfer can putt the ball as accurately as possible.

About the Author

Wayne Lin has played four years of golf at the collegiate level and coached junior competitors. He has written articles about golf for local newspapers and magazines. To date, Lin has played at over 90 golf courses across the United States and continues to compete in local competitions. He has a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Oklahoma.