About U.S. Open Golf

By Michael Kozlowski

The U.S. Open is one of the four major championship in golf, known simply as the majors. It is held once per year and is open, through qualifying tournaments and various other criteria, to all golfers, amateur and professional, who have a 1.4 handicap or better. Unlike many other tournaments, the Open takes place on various courses.


The first U.S. Open was held in 1895. Originally, the Open was primarily for amateurs and British professionals.

Time Frame

The U.S. Open is played once per year. The schedule for the Open now coincides with Father's Day weekend. The final, regulation round is played on the Sunday of Father's Day.


156 players compete in the U.S. Open, though upwards of 10,000 may attempt to qualify. Most players earn their spots through success in other tournaments. Exemption into the Open may be earned by international rank, money earned or prior victories. Sectional qualifiers lead to the filling of the field.


The U.S. Open is one of four "major" championships in the sport of golf. These majors have changed over the years--the Amateur Tournaments are no longer considered--and they now include the U.S. Open, the British Open, the Masters and the PGA Championship.

Famous Ties

While all U.S. Open champions gain a certain measure of fame, some stand out in the historical context. Francis Ouimet brought interest to the Open in 1913 when, as an amateur, he bested two highly favored English professionals in a playoff. Bobby Jones won four Open championships, including one which helped complete his "Grand Slam" of victory in all four majors of the time in a single year.

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