Golf Cart Facts

By Elizabeth Russell

Seeing employees and others zipping around on golf carts off the course is becoming somewhat common. Golf carts are used for a variety of purposes, from business to personal use. They are also called "golf cars" and "golf buggies."


Golf carts were invented around 1951 by Merle Williams, who put his knowledge about electric cars during World War II gas rationing to good use.


Despite popular belief, golf carts are not 100% safe, and they can cause many serious injuries. In order to stay safe, do not stand up while the cart is in motion, do not exceed the number of passengers suggested to ride, reduce speed when appropriate and follow traffic regulations.

Personal Use

A fun mode of transportation, many families use golf carts for running errands or for riding around their neighborhoods. Golf carts, however, are not street legal in many areas.

Gas Golf Carts

Gas golf carts can be filled with normal gasoline. They are a bit louder than electronic golf carts, but don't need to be charged.

Electronic Golf Carts

As with electric cars, electric golf carts are environmentally friendly. They are also much quieter than gas carts, but need to be charged regularly.

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