Titleist TSi4 Driver Review

By Kellie Noszka

Titleist TSi4 Driver

The Titleist TSi4 driver is designed for golfers who want very low spin off the tee for more speed and increased distance. It is the latest in the family of TSi drivers which have been hugely popular on the Tour. In fact, the new TSi2 and TSi3 have been the most played drivers on the Tour this season, according to Titleist.

Classic Pear-Shaped Head of Titleist TSi4 Driver

How Does the TSi4 Driver Differ From Other TSi Drivers?

Of the four drivers in the TSi family, the TSi4 has the lowest and most forward center of gravity. Altering the CG in such a manner allows the driver to create less spin and dynamic loft at impact. Tee shots with the TSi4 become longer with a piercing ball flight.

Like the TS4 driver that came before it, the TSi4 driver has a smaller pear-shaped head (430cc) that has excellent aerodynamics for a faster swing speed. Golfers who liked the TS4 driver will love the TSi4 as tweaks to the newer model produce six percent less drag. That means even more power at ball speed at impact.

Speed Taken to Another Level

Ever wonder what the TS stands for in the line of popular Titleist drivers? Given the multiple features that contribute to excellent speed, it comes as no surprise that the TS stands for Titleist Speed. The “i” stands for Impact.

There are many features that contribute to the speed of the TSi4 driver; the smaller, aerodynamic head is mentioned above but the following also factor in:

ATI Face of Titleist TSi4 Driver
  • ATI 425 Aerospace Titanium Face – This innovative material is one of the best updates in the TSi series. The material is lightweight, flexible and durable so your swing is fast yet consistent. Titleist is the only golf company to use the material in its clubs; it was first developed for ballistic armor applications and has since been used in jet engines and NASA’s Phoenix Mars Lander. That’s a pretty impressive resume for the special titanium!
  • Multi-Dimensional Stability – The MOI is speed optimized for faster ball speeds and higher launch.
  • Ultra-Thin Titanium Crown – The TSi4 driver has the thinnest cast titanium crown allowed in golf. A thinner crown means a faster swing.

What Golfers Use the Titleist TSi4 Driver?

Since the club was just recently unveiled, only a few professionals have made the switch. Notable PGA Tour golfers using the TSi4 driver include Adam Scott, Russell Henley and Richy Werenski. Scott is currently No. 11 in the 2021 Official World Golf Rankings.


Head size 430cc
Head shape Classic Tour Pear
Available Lofts 8.0°, 9.0°, 10.0°
Standard Lie 58.5°
Material Ultra-Thin Titanium Crown
Face ATI 425
Adjustable Hosel Yes, SureFit

Available Shafts, Grips and Lofts

Right-handed golfers can choose from three lofts for the TSi4 – 8.0, 9.0 and 10.0 – while the left-hand driver is only available with a 9.0 loft.

All TSi4 drivers come standard with a Golf Pride TV 360 Gray Flat Cap 58R grip.

The two shafts offered on the TSi4 driver are the HZRDUS Smoke Yellow 60 and TENSEI AV White RAW 65, which both produce low launch and low spin. Custom shafts are also available.


The Titleist TSi4 driver retails for $549. That’s a big financial commitment, so we suggest reserving a free Titleist club fitting prior to purchase.

About the Author

Kellie Noszka is a freelance writer and former sports reporter for the Cincinnati Post. She was a golf caddie for 10 years and earned an Evans Scholarship to The Ohio State University. Kellie developed a deep appreciation for the game of golf at an early age.