Tom Ward - Professional Golf Instructor

Tom Ward, PGA member and professional golf instructor.

Tom Ward, contributor and internationally known Professional Golf Instructor, lives most of the year in Fort Worth, Texas and part in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Tom's instructional video clips are featured on "The Golf Planner", a new personal organizer and golf information CD software program for golfers. His series of instructional videos and golf educational books co-authored with best-selling sports writer Peter Golenboch was released in 1999.

Ward is well known for his work with young golfers, instructing youth in 38 countries including the U.S. and Mexico. He designed an extensive golf educational program which he uses to train golf professionals in developing countries to become better golf teachers. In both the U.S. and Mexico, he works extensively with physically challenged golfers, general, women's and corporate golf programs and organizes celebrity golf tournaments and golf adventures to Mexican and golf resorts abroad.

Ward has tutored professional athletes, movie and television stars and three U.S. presidents, in addition to PGA, LPGA, Nike and European Tour players. His students have ranged from beginners to winners on the PGA tour as well as a virtual who's who of high profile celebrities from sports and entertainment fields (movies, TV, and music). His greatest passion is working with juniors and the physically disabled (loss of sight, polio and prosthetics). Many of his youngsters have gone on to win championships in their respective age groups around the world, as well as continued their college education by earning golf scholarships with his assistance. Working with people with disabilities has taught Tom that the only limits we have are in our minds.

Ward has written articles and had features done on his golfing exploits in numerous national publications such as Golf Digest, Golf Magazine, Golf Illustrated, Golf Tips, and Golf Week and locally in the Dallas Business Journal, Fort Worth Business Press, Star Telegram, and Dallas Morning News. He has appeared on several nationally syndicated TV talk shows and radio programs to discuss his golf education program and inspire people to reach the full potential in their golf game.

Once a professional golfer, a series of shoulder surgeries cut short his career. His trick-shot exhibitions have been enjoyed by audiences world wide, and he has set 16 course records and in 1981 tied a world record 57 on a par 70 course, earning him a spot in the Guiness Book of World Records.

Tom Ward can be reached on 1-800-387-0980 or via email and would be happy to assist you in reaching your golfing goals.


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