GolfLink Article Contributors and Golf Writers

Alan B. Nichols
A veteran golf-travel journalist and self-professed 'golf addict', his articles have also appeared in leading golf and general publications across the United States.

America's Favorite Golf Schools
AFGS facilities, operating year-round, are located across the U. S. and are staffed by USGTF or PGA trained professionals.

Bob Phillips, Ph.D.
A golf and sports performance psychologist, Dr. Phillips has developed methods of evaluating and maximizing performance. His series, "The Mind Game", provides golfers information and techniques to mentally prepare to bring about peak performance on the course.

Bryce Stevens
An outdoor travel writer and co-author of the book "60 Hikes within 60 Miles: Seattle", Bryce Stevens is also a dedicated amateur golfer who occasionally writes about the game.

Chuck DeLaney
Chuck DeLaney is the Dean of the New York Institute of Photography, a highly regarded photography school with over 20,000 active students.

Doug Colbeck
As the CEO of Hillclimb Media, Doug Colbeck runs a host of sports and travel web sites. He is renowned for his sweet swing.

Jim & Barbara Nicol
Writing and golfing partners Jim & Barbara Nicol have authored many golf travel and vacation books together.

Joe Sullivan
Joe Sullivan is a low handicap former collegiate golfer but is not a certified professional. GolfLink presents Joe's tips for those interested in an alternative to our other tips from PGA Professionals and otherwise certified instructors.

Julie L. Moran
GolfLink contributor Julie L. Moran is an attorney, free-lance writer and golfer. She has written a golf travel guide in addition to having contributed several articles to consumer publications.

Larry O. Krupp
Larry Krupp is the Director of Instruction and the President of FeelGoodGolf Learning Centers. A PGA member for over 17 years, Larry has played on the PGA Tour and had two top ten finishes in the Myrtle Beach Open in 1999 and 2000. In 1999, 2000, and 2001 Larry was nominated for the Carolinas PGA Section Teacher of the Year Award. He has also been published in Golf Digest Magazine.

Lisa Brown
Lisa Brown is a professional speaker, author, and coach who helps people succeed in all areas of their lives using mental toughness. She consults and writes frequently about the game of golf.

Mike Pedersen
Mike Pedersen is an internationally-known Golf Fitness Trainer who has been in the fitness profession for over 22 years and is one of the foremost authorities on golf performance as related to the physical side of the game. His golf fitness websites have been featured all over the world in golf publications, on golf talk radio shows, and the most popular golf websites. Pedersen has written over 300 golf specific fitness, exercise, and workout articles that have been republished thousands of times.

Roland Stafford
During his 50-year playing career, Roland Stafford qualified for 26 major golf championships and was a member of both the PGA and Senior PGA Tours. In his PGA sections he served two years as president, was twice voted Teacher of the Year, and in 1999 was elected to the PGA Hall of Fame.

Sharon Miller
The National Head Professional of The Bird Golf Schools, Sharon Miller was the LPGA's National Teacher of the Year in 1989.

The Original Golf School
One of the first golf schools in the United States, The Original Golf School has served as a model for hundreds of other schools and has graduated more than 85,000 students.

Peter Anderson, Myrtle Beach Golf School
Peter Anderson is a former European Tour Player and PGA Chapter Champion. He opened the Myrtle Beach Golf School in 1984.

Tom Tetrault
A PGA Professional, Tom Tetrault currently is golf instructor at the private Fall River Country Club, and past president of N.E.P.G.A.

Sean M. Cochran
Sean M. Cochran is the personal strength and conditioning coach for 2006 Masters winner Phil Mickelson, with whom he travels the PGA Tour. He is co-owner of and the author of several books, inluding Your Body & Your Swing.

Tom Ward
Professional golf instructor Tom Ward is a member of the Texas Golf Writers Association and the PGA of Mexico. Based in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, he spends part of each year in Puerto Vallarta. He has taught in 37 countries, instructed professional golfers, three U.S. Presidents and numerous entertainment and sports celebrities, and is very involved in golf instruction for the physically challenged and the young.

Uncle Duffer
A "high-handicap golfer but more successful writer", Uncle Duffer is an occasional contributor to GolfLink.

The United States Golf Teachers Federation
The USGTF provides extensive training to individuals seeking careers in the golf teaching industry. It has teaching professionals from every state and 32 foreign countries.


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