2007 Callaway Big Bertha Review

Updated October 26, 2021
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The 2007 Callaway Big Bertha fairway wood was cited for the 2007 Editor's Choice award by Golf Digest Magazine. This steel-headed fairway wood is available from the manufacturer in four models, 3 through 9-wood, with varying head sizes, shaft lengths and lofts.

The Diablo series contains stainless steel construction, neutral or draw designs and the company's signature and trademarked S2H2 weighting. Diablos are also available in a neutral-weighted strong 3-wood (13 degrees), strong 5-wood (15) and strong 7-wood (18).


3 Wood16mid-torque (light, regular, stiff)
5 Wood18.5mid-torque (light, regular, stiff)
7 Wood21mid-torque (light, regular, stiff)
9 Wood23mid-torque (light, regular, stiff)


Each club in the Diablo series produces long, fairly low trajectories and picks the ball off the turf very well. They are comfortable at impact on solid shots. Head weights are balanced nicely and tee shots are accurate and long, with the strong-3 being the best performer.


Diablo draw-promoting designs can produce hooked shots on mis-hits and fast, hard swings. Much like the Big Bertha Warbird fairway woods of the past, the new breed might also prevent the average player from getting the ball up, especially off the fairway. Clubheads are on the small-side, which might limit confidence at setup for novice golfers.

2007 Callaway Big Bertha 7 Wood

The 7-wood features a larger head for a higher-lofted (22 degrees) fairway wood, but also delivers a longer club face and larger sweet spot than most of the competition.



This club features perimeter-weighting in a larger, longer clubhead, delivering a sizable sweet spot. Substantial weight placed toward the bottom of the club allows for a high launch angle and softer landings.

Even more discretionary weight is created by Callaway's S2H2 technology that moves the mass usually placed in the hosel to other parts of the club.

Shaft / Composition

The Callaway Big Bertha graphite shaft that comes standard in this club is a low-torque, mid-kickpoint shaft that allows better players options when flighting their shots.

Bore-through technology places the shaft all the way through the clubhead into the sole plate, giving the player more substantial feedback from the ball and each shot. The stiff flex version of this shaft is designed for players with a swing speed of more than 100 mph.


Weight Distribution

The Big Bertha fairway wood was the latest in Callaway technology when it was introduced in 2007. Changes to the steel-headed club including a thinner face, thinner metals in the crown and sole plate and an even smaller hosel resulted in the availability of more discretionary weight in this club than ever before. Callaway designers took that weight and distributed it around the perimeter of the club inside the head to make this a particularly stable 7-wood with a high moment of inertia that keeps the club from twisting unnecessarily.

2007 Callaway Big Bertha 9 Wood

The Big Bertha 9 wood, with 25 degrees of loft and Uniflex steel shaft, is a solid replacement for long irons for many players. The club boasts a special Callaway face, patented hosel construction and stainless steel design.


Head Specs

The Callaway Big Bertha 9 wood boasts a stainless steel club head. It features a larger head, shallow face and high launch angle. Its aerodynamic sole reduces drag and lines up with little rocking.

The heel features Callaway's S2H2, Tru-Bore hosel design, which helps increase discretionary weight by shifting it to the overall perimeter of the club head.


The face of the Big Bertha 9 wood also features a slightly longer hitting area than those on traditional fairway woods. The VFT (variable face thickness) shallow face brings a 57.5-degree lie at address. The face also features a low leading edge, aiding in getting the ball up from a variety of lies.

Uniflex Shaft

The right-handed Callaway Big Bertha 9 wood's Uniflex shaft option comes in the form of the Callaway Big Bertha steel shaft made by Nippon. The shaft is made with a D4 swing weight and 41.5-inch length.



With its simple design and strong and noted Callaway features, the Big Bertha 9 wood is a nifty club. It gets the ball up nicely from the fairway and rough.

Fitted with the steel Uniflex shaft, the D4 swing weight allows for some aggressive swings and shot shaping. The club is comfortable at impact and forgiving with its long and responsive face.

Bottom Line

Although the 2007 Big Bertha line of fairway woods has been replaced by more recent models, the popularity of the Big Bertha line of woods means they are much easier to find used than many other old models. However, the rarity of 9 woods in general means that these clubs will be harder to find than more common woods, like 3 or 5 woods. Searching online used golf equipment dealers is your best bet for locating the 2007 Big Bertha 9 wood.