Heavy Putter Mid Weight H3

By Josh Baum

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The Mid-Weight H3 putter from Heavy Putter is one of the lighter-weight putters the company makes. Though it still weighs more than most putters from other manufacturers, the Mid-Weight H3 more closely resembles conventional putters in shape, weight and feel, which may make it more appealing to golfers who are just transitioning to Heavy Putter gear or who find the manufacturer's other putters too heavy for comfortable use.

Special Features

Unlike many of Heavy Putter's designs, which incorporate unusual and often bulky head shapes, the Mid-Weight H3's head is parabola-shaped. This gives it a more conventional look preferred by some golfers. The site line indicating the putter's sweet spot extends to the widest point on the parabola, making it easier for golfers to make solid ball contact. This putter also comes standard with a custom Winn grip made from V17 Super Soft material, resulting in a firm, high-tack feel.

Technical Data

The total weight of the Mid-Weight H3 is 750 grams; 400 grams are in the head, and another 200 grams are added by a counterweight that is inserted inside the shaft, under the grip. The shaft, manufactured by True Temper, is made from a proprietary steel compound and is shaped with a half-shaft offset. The putter head is milled from stainless steel.


Most Heavy Putters are fully customizable, but there are a few more restrictions applied to the Mid-Weight H3. Its standard lengths range in one-inch intervals from 32 inches to 36 inches, and custom lengths can be ordered in 30, 31, 37 and 38-inch models. The standard lie angle is 70 degrees and the standard loft angle is 3 degrees, and while these can be changed through custom orders, the angles on the H3 can only be altered up to two degrees in either direction. This model is also only available as a right-handed putter.

Heavy Putter Design

The design elements that make the Mid-Weight H3 and other Heavy Putter putters distinct are a heavy overall weight and a high center of gravity. The added weight is a result of a heavier and larger-than-usual putter head and a heavier-than-usual counterweight in the shaft. The high center of gravity is a result of the counterweight being much higher up the shaft than on conventional putters. The heavy weight and high center of gravity work together to pull on the wrist muscles, which decreases the likelihood that the wrists will twist during a stroke and forces the shoulders to move the putter. Since the putter's center of gravity is closer to the golfer's center of gravity, this also allows for a more stable and controlled stroke.

Comparison to Other Heavy Putter Models

As part of the Mid-Weight Series, the H3 is designed specifically to be lighter than other Heavy Putter offerings. All putters in the Mid-Weight series weigh 750 grams, while the putters from all other Heavy Putter series range in weight from 800 grams to 950 grams.

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