Heavy Putter B3 Mallet

By Josh Baum

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The Heavy Putter B3 Mallet is the heaviest mallet-style putter in the Heavy Putter product line. The putter is used by amateur and professional golfers alike and differs from most other putters in its high overall weight and high center of gravity.

Technical Specifications

The Heavy Putter B3 is a mallet putter, featuring a wider and more stout putter head than blade putters. It is milled from a solid billet of 303 stainless steel and features a double-bend shaft with a slight offset, which is designed to help golfers look directly down at the ball while assuming a proper putting stance. The total weight of the putter is 900 grams, which as the name implies is heavy by typical putter standards. The head weight is 475 grams, and a 250-gram weight is placed inside the grip as a counterbalance. In addition, an optional tip weight kit can add or subtract 25 grams of weight.

Performance Features

The key characteristic of the B3 Mallet and all of Heavy's putters is their weight. By being heavier than the average putter, they can minimize the influence of small, hard-to-control wrist and hand muscles, forcing the larger, more controllable shoulder muscles to move the putter. Most putters have counterweights in the shaft to make them easier to control, but the B3's counterweights are located 75 percent higher up the length of the shaft than most others to help account for the added head weight.

Heavy Putter Design Technology

Heavy Putters like the B3 are designed to influence better putts through higher weight in two key ways. First, by simply being heavier than conventional putters, the B3 pulls down on the wrist muscles, helping lock them into place. This encourages more of a true pendulum motion driven by the shoulder muscles. Second, the B3 is weighted in such a way that the putter's center of gravity is about halfway up the shaft, putting it much closer to the golfer's center of gravity. On an ordinary putter, the center of gravity is just a few inches above the head. This also helps relieve the wrists of some of the pressure of having to control the putter throughout each stroke.

Available Customizations

The standard B3 Mallet putter has a 3.5-degree loft, a 72-degree lie angle and comes in standard one-inch length increments from 32 to 36 inches. Heavy Putter does, however, sell custom versions of the B3 in different lengths, lofts and lie angles. Nominal customization fees apply, and the customized putters must be ordered either directly from Heavy Putter or through a custom pro shop.

Tour Golfers Using Heavy Putters

Heavy Putters are popular among professional golfers, including PGA Tour pro John Daly. Mark Lye, a Golf Channel commentator, Champions Tour player and former PGA pro, also uses a Heavy Putter. Heavy Putter is also well-represented on the European Tour by golfers including Ignacio Garrido, Fabrizio Zanotti, Rafael Echenique and Felipe Aguilar.

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