Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls

By Brad Wilbricht

Titleist has long been an industry leader in the golf ball category and the Pro V1x is one of their highest performing golf balls ever introduced into the market. Titleist's Pro V1x is produced with the latest technological advancements and is a favorite of players of all calibers around the world. From novice golfers to playing professionals, the Pro V1x offers unmatched construction and quality.


Titleist's Pro V1x golf ball utilizes a polybutadiene inner and outer core along with an ultra thin urethane elastomer cover. The Pro V1x has a four-piece construction and has recently undergone several improvements from the original model. New features such as A.I.M. (alignment integrated marking), ionomeric casing layer, and a new dimple design using 328 tetrahedral dimples arranged in a staggered wave parting line make the Pro V1x Titleist's most advanced golf ball ever.


The Pro V1x's four-piece construction with an ionomeric casing layer allows for maximum distance while reducing spin off the club head. Unlike other distance golf balls, the Pro V1x doesn't compromise aspects in the short game. Titleist's A.I.M technology improves putting alignment which gives players a better feel around the green. Furthermore, the staggered wave parting line ensures a more consistent ball flight, a quality required by advanced players.


For mid to high handicappers, the Pro V1x is packed with many features that could be deemed unnecessary. Due to its ultra thin cover, the Pro V1x can cut and scuff easily. Additionally, all this technology comes at a price, and the Pro V1x can prove to be a costly investment for a recreational golfer.


While Titleist is currently the No. 1 golf ball manufacturer in the world, other companies such as Callaway and Bridgestone have all introduced comparable products as the Pro V1x. However, Titleist's performance and reputation has so-far outweighed competition in the golf ball industry.

Bottom Line

For avid golfers and recreational players, Titleist Pro V1x golf balls are a must have. Offering the best of both worlds in regards to distance off the tee and spin around the greens, the Pro V1x continues to live up to the uncanny quality expected from all Titleist golf balls.

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