Titleist NXT Golf Balls

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Titleist, one of the best-known names in golf equipment around the world, makes two different versions of the NXT golf ball. Each version, the NXT Tour and the NXT Tour S, is designed for a different type of player and provides a different combination of technology and benefits, with overall distance and spin/feel as the primary measures for most golfers.


Titleist has developed a variety of high-performing golf balls over the years designed for both top touring professionals and high-handicap golfers alike. Recently, the Titleist NXT has evolved into two different balls. The NXT Tour is designed for better golfers looking to maximize their yardage off the tee but not give up the spin so critical to their scoring. The NXT Tour S is designed for players of all abilities, including beginners who are primarily looking for maximum yardage but still want a bit of the soft feel that makes a high-end golf ball appealing to the better player.


Titleist developed originally as the golf product arm of the Acushnet Rubber Company headquartered in Massachusetts in the early part of the 20th century. Acushnet manufactured all sorts of rubber products from tents to tires and found as the rubber golf ball developed that golf products were a growth industry for them. Titleist was their first brand of golf ball and over the years, this soft, three-piece, rubber-based ball became the choice of touring professionals around the world. Over time, Titleist invested substantial time and resources into developing golf balls to help the average, beginning, senior and female golfer make the most of their games. The NXT series is a product of that technological research and development.

Technical Specs

The NXT Tour is a three-piece ball made up of an inner and outer core surrounded by a thin, patented cover material called Fusablend. It has 302 octahedral dimples that promote the ball's aerodynamics. The NXT Tour S, on the other hand, is a two-piece construction with a solid core to promote long distance and a thin Ionomer cover to promote spin and soft feel. Also featuring 392 dimples, the S version of the NXT has a significantly harder feel than the Tour version.


Both versions of the NXT ball are designed to combine maximum yardage and responsiveness from iron and short shots, however, each takes a different approach to this. The Tour version is softer than the Tour S. The NXT Tour is basically designed for the average to above-average player while the Tour S is a firmer, two-piece ball that cuts down overall spin and therefore keeps more balls flying straight. The Tour S is, however, a high-quality Titleist ball designed for the average to high-handicap player.


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