The Callaway Golf X460 Cart Bag

By Lyle Nymble

golfer in mid backswing.
The Callaway X460 Cart Bag is a big, cumbersome golf bag designed to be carried on the back of a riding cart. Designed in much the same way as Callaway's staff bags, this cart bag provides more than its own share of pockets for storage and a vertical orientation designed to allow easy placement and pulling of clubs in the bag. Though it has been discontinued, golfers can still find the X460 Cart Bag on the secondary market.


Weighing in at almost 10 lbs, the Callaway X460 bag provides full-length club dividers in six sections, a separate valuables pouch and an insulated beverage holder. With its unique load-bearing handle, the X460 bag has plenty of storage for rain gear or other clothing and a flat bottom that fits naturally into a riding or push or pull cart for ease of transportation.


When Ely Callaway invested in a hickory shafted wedge company in Indian Wells, California, in the early 1980's, he didn't realize what sort of company he'd end up creating. Making the jump from a specialty club maker in the 1980's to a full-scale golf club manufacturing company in the 1990's and then even more of a specialty club maker in the 2000's after bringing Roger Cleveland on board to design wedges, Callaway has never taken a step backward.

Technical Specs

Featuring a unique 10-way wood type divider system, the X460 bag offers an individual space for each and every club in your bag. Multiple levels make it easy to find any club you need and the poly-tube construction protects each club from damage. This durable, large bag is perfect for golfers who ride, take caddies or push/pull their own bags around the course.


The Callaway X460 cart bag is designed to ride on a riding card. It makes accessing your valuables and details simple. Its vertical orientation is simple and easy for pulling and replacing golf clubs. With 12 zippered pockets, you can store more gear than you ever imagined. And with a red and black colored design, this bag will look striking at your golf course any time

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