Adams Idea A2 Irons

By J.D. Chi

Best known for its development of the Tight Lies line of golf clubs, Adams Golf developed a unique set of irons, the Idea line, in the early 2000s. The company's A2 iron set is a unique collection of hybrids, hollow-backed and cavity-backed clubs that may appeal to older golfers or golfers with slower swing speeds. The company has since been acquired by TaylorMade golf and quietly phased out. Adams golf was known for its cutting-edge technology and custom fitting, and luckily Adams clubs are still available on the secondary market. 

A2 Irons

Adams Golf's A2 iron set is designed for players with mid-high swing speeds. The company also makes the A2 OS line, which is super light, has a lower center of gravity and the option of more hybrids in the set. The A2 OS line would appeal to women and men with slow swing speeds. 

Long Irons

In the A2 iron set, Adams replaced the 3- and 4-irons with graphite-shafted hybrids that are offset, have a low center of gravity, high launch angle and low moment of inertia (MOI). This combination results in a forgiving club that easily slices through the grass and easily launches the ball.

Mid Irons

The mid irons in the A2 set, the 5 through 7, are hollow-backed and have graphite shafts, making them very light clubs that help to increase clubhead speed. Most of the weight on these clubs is at the bottom and perimeter of the clubhead, which makes for a lower center of gravity. The clubs, which are offset, provide good control, distance and accuracy.

Short Irons

The short irons in the A2 set, the 8 through PW, are cavity-backed clubs with graphite shafts. The cavity-backed design gives up a little on weight, but with the lofts at this end of the spectrum, it is a good trade for forgiveness and accuracy.


The A2 irons come standard with graphite shafts, but were also available with True Temper Dynalite steel shafts, which are about 20g heavier than the graphite shafts. The standard graphite shaft is the Aldila NV.


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J.D. Chi is a professional journalist who has covered sports for more than 20 years at newspapers all over the United States. She has covered major golf tournaments and the NFL as well as travel and health topics. Chi received her Bachelor of Arts in professional writing from Carnegie Mellon University and is working toward a master's degree in journalism.


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