Signs & Symptoms of a Pulled Muscle in the Neck

By Patrick Foley

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In golf, it is very easy to pull muscles during a swing, especially on cold mornings or days. Pulling a muscle in the neck is common when swinging the golf club. It's a strenuous movement, and when you swing from the rough or sand, your chances of pulling a muscle increase. There are multiple signs and symptoms of a pulled muscle in the neck.


Pain in the area is basic sign you have pulled a muscle in the neck. Feeling it when moving or even being still is common. You should not play golf again until pain is gone or minimal.


It is common when you've pulled a muscle to have swelling in the area. Ice can lower swelling and shorten recovery time.


Stiffness can occur around a pulled neck muscle because other muscles surrounding the area will tighten to help protect the injured area from further damage.


If there is tingling or numbness in the extremities, this might be caused by a more serious problem than a pulled muscle. If this sensation begins after you swing or in the days following, seek medical attention.


To shorten recovery time, follow these tips to help the pulled muscle heal. Try to avoid unnecessary movement and rest as much as possible. Do not finish the round you are playing if you pull a muscle. Use a heat pad to help loosen the area around the muscle and relieve some pain. Finally, take ibuprofen to lower swelling and keep pain down.

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