Callaway XTT Golf Shoes

By Darin McGilvra

The XTT Premier shoes are made by Callaway Golf, which didn't begin making golf shoes until 2003. XTT Premiers are available in men's United States sizes 7 through 14 and they are available in three color combinations: black, black and white, and sultan and white. Though they are no longer in production, you can still find Callaway XTT Premier golf shoes on the secondary market. 


The full-grain uppers of the XTT Premier are designed to be soft and waterproof. They use dual density construction that gives the shoe increased durability and comfort. The shoe is tightened with a traditional lacing system using shoelaces. XTT Premiers are designed to be twice as waterproof as traditional methods while still allowing air to flow through to keep the foot cool and dry. This Callaway design is called RainSport.


The XTT Premier also has a DrySport moisture management system. DrySport uses moisture-wicking linings in the insole that are designed to draw moisture away from the foot. When combined with RainSport, this allows you to play in any weather conditions and still keep your feet dry and comfortable.

Xtra Width Technology

XTT Premiers allow you to adjust your shoe from wide width to narrow. This Xtra Width Technology (XWT) uses a forefoot pad in the insole to keep the shoe at a wide width. To make it narrow, just take out the pad, which is easily removed. For golfers with feet that are two different widths, it allows you to have the best fit possible without having to have your shoes custom fitted.

Xtra Traction Technology

The XTT Premiers have Xtra Traction Technology (XTT) with Big Bertha Spikes, which are attached using the Fast Twist System (FTS). Big Bertha Spikes are polymer cleats that were developed by SoftSpikes. They have a reactive web geometry that is designed to give you both comfort and durability. XTT is designed to work much like the suspension system on your car, with each spike moving independently like each wheel. This allows your cleats to remain in contact longer with whatever surface you are playing on, giving you better traction.


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