Callaway Golf FT i-Brids Pitching Wedge

By Jim Hagerty

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Callaway Golf's FT i-brids are one of Callaway's lines of game- improvement irons. The set includes three hybrid ironwoods that replace long irons, and five game improvement mid- to short-irons: 6-iron through pitching wedge.

The pitching wedge is a strong-lofted iron available in right- and left-handed versions. Like all i-brid irons, the pitching wedge is made with Callaway's signature multimaterial construction and uniquely weighted sole. The club is oversize and marked with manufacturer's game-improvement offset and modified Bore-Through hosel. Stiff shaft options (graphite and steel) are available from Callaway and other premium shaft makers. Though no longer in production, Callaway FT i-brids are still available on the secondary market.

Short Iron Body and Face Technology

The i-brid pitching wedge, with 44 degrees of loft, is made of a titanium notched cavity-backed body that encases a Callaway TPU SenSert, made from a molded thermoplastic urethane material. The insert fits behind the club face and dampens vibrations and enhances comfort.

Weighting System

The Callaway i-brid pitching wedge's large, game-improvement sole is fitted with two Tunite (mixture of tungsten and nickel) weight inserts near the toe and heel. Each helps keep the center of gravity low and toward the center of the club face, enhancing the sweet spot. The design, which Callaway calls Advanced Fusion Technology, increases the moment of inertia (MOI), helping high-handicappers keep the club face aligned and square at impact.

Stiff Shaft Options

Stiff shaft options for the i-brid iron line include a variety of steel and graphite products. Off the rack, stiff-flex i-brid irons are available in the Callaway FT i-brid Graphite shaft. Stiff steel flexes are available as custom fittings with shafts from Royal Precision (Rifle, Project X) and True Temper (Black Gold, Dynamic Gold, Dynamic Gold w/Sensicore, Dynamic Gold SL and True Temper TX90). The Callaway CG M75i Tour Graphite shaft is also offered in a stiff flex as a custom option.

Function and Workability

The i-brid 44-degree pitching wedge is an extremely comfortable club to hit. Its sole, lie and bounce pinch the ball well and produce nice trajectories with exceptional spin. The game improvement characteristics and strong loft make the club play more like an 8- or 9-iron. From the fairway, players with stronger swing speeds will fare better with a steel stiff shaft, while slower, higher handicappers will like the soft feel and low kick point of a graphite shaft, which makes the club a bit easier to square up at impact.

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