Trav-A-Lite Golf Bag Information

By Chris Joseph

If you are a golfer who travels frequently for business or pleasure, you might have concerns about the security and safety of your golf clubs. Trav-A-Lite Golf Bags are specifically designed to protect your clubs during travel. All bags are made of sturdy high-density polyethylene and include club dividers to keep them separated during the less-than-gentle airport baggage handling process. All bags are lightweight and come with a padded shoulder strap for easy carrying. While no longer produces, Trav-A-Lite bags are still available on the secondary market. 

Trav-A-Lite 9

The smallest of the Trav-A-Lite bags, the 9 works well for occasions where you don't need to bring your full set of clubs. It holds up to nine clubs and weighs just under three pounds, which makes it easy to carry. At 49 inches long, it is long enough to handle most drivers. A removable 5-inch by 10-inch accessory pouch is also included.

Trav-A-Lite 14

If you need to bring the full complement of clubs on your trip, the 14 is one Trav-A-Lite option. Though larger than the 9 bag, the 14 weighs just 4.2 pounds, making it easy on your back and shoulders. It holds up to 14 clubs, although it works best with 12--the bag's bottom is constructed to hold 12 club grips. The 14 also comes with a larger accessory pouch (6.5 x 14) that contains two pockets.

Ultima Series

The Ultima Series allows you to carry 14 clubs easily and even allows room for a ball retriever or umbrella. It also comes equipped with two wheels for easier transporting, though at only 5.6 pounds it is still light enough to be carried if necessary. The Ultima comes with an even roomier double-pocketed accessory bag (7 x 15).

Eagle II

If you need maximum storage space, the Eagle II is your choice. In addition to holding a complete set of clubs, it also comes with an attached cover and individual pockets instead of an accessory pouch. Pockets are available for your wallet, shoes and golf balls as well as two 8 x 20 side pockets for miscellaneous items like tees and towels. It weighs 7.6 pounds and comes with two wheels.




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