Caring for a Pulled Muscle

By Patrick Foley

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Painful golf-related injuries sometimes come up out of nowhere. A golfer goes to grab his tee, and--bang--there is a hard pull in the hamstring. Some players will go on with their round and fight through the pain, risking increased damage. Others may go home, sit on it and never receive proper treatment for the pulled muscle.

At Time of Injury

When you first notice the pulled muscle, avoid any unnecessary movement or attempt to work the muscle because you don't know the extent of the injury. Putting more stress on the muscle increases the risk of a worse injury. Don't continue to play on any type of pulled muscle. As soon as possible, put ice on the muscle.

Immediately Following Injury

Do not stretch the muscle! This can cause additional damage. Allow the muscle to relax and keep it as immobile as possible. Keep icing it about every 30 minutes or so for 10 minutes at a time. Keep this process going for a few days. See a doctor at this time if pain increases or remains the same.

Days After

You should be able to do light stretching by this time. If you feel pain, stop immediately. Complete a light stretch a few times a day to help loosen the muscles around the area of the pull and encourage blood flow to the area for repair. Keep icing the muscle to reduce inflammation. When pain begins to decrease, stretches can increase.


For a severe muscle pull, you will need physical therapy to help stretch the muscle and allow it to repair. Don't trust yourself to be able to understand and stretch a pulled muscle because of the risk of re-pulling it. Finding a qualified therapist will cut your recovery time to get you back on the golf course more quickly.


Exercise therapy helps strengthen the pulled muscle and the muscles around it. You can continue this therapy even after office visits are over, and you can do it inside the house or at work. Rehabilitation of the muscle is necessary to avoid further injury or chronic muscle pulls.

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